My name is Brady Davies and I am Senior from Bloomington, Indiana studying Informatics with a minor is security. I have had a great start to this semester, I am excited to finish up the remainder of my classes in preparation of graduating this December.
My work for Serve IT has so far been very rewarding and in the last 5 weeks I have had a lot to do. The team that I have spent the most time working with is Teach-IT, my team and I just completed our first lesson at Girls Inc. Our lesson was about hobbies and interests and how technologies can help facilitate those hobbies or interests. Another project that I have been working on is preparing for two large events in October, I have been scheduling meetings, coordinating with partner organizations, and preparing lessons for these events.
The second Serve-IT team that I have been working with is the Development and Training team. Currently I am learning more about WordPress in preparation for a project that I will be doing in the near future. For this project I will focus on developing a list of secure WordPress plugins for our clients and for future clinic use. With the Dev and training team, I also had the opportunity to volunteer at the Restore a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed working with the Restore and I hope I plan on volunteering more there over the remainder of this semester. Overall, it has been a busy and rewarding start to the semester and I look forward to all work that there is still yet to do.