Wei Zhang

I’m Wei Zhang, one of the team lead in Teach IT. This is my last semester in Serve IT and after that, I will do my master program in fall 2018. I really enjoy doing intern in Serve IT, not only there has more volunteer opportunities to help students and local residents but also I can improve my problem solving skills and real world practice experience. My main responsibility is contact between  Bloomington Housing Authority as well as  Monroe County Public Library and students.

Marcus Fletcher

This week on tech team we worked on our poster and we also did some work with
new hope and setting up their network system. We took them some computers that
we reimagined and installed windows 10 in them. This has been one of the more
interesting weeks on the tech team since we have been getting more hands on and
learning the specific parts of the PC.

Nathan Warshawsky

My name is Nathan Warshawsky and I am a Freshman in TeachIT. This Spring Semester of 2018 I mainly worked with the people at Crawford Homes and attended events. At Crawford Homes I taught the residents how to access Chromebooks and utilize everything at their disposal. I additionally attended the code.org event where I was trained in how to teach younger kids coding. This helped when I worked at the coding station for the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship event. It was fun to teach the kids how to play their CodeCombat and work with the older residents at Crawford Homes. Overall, I wasn’t able to sign up for the positions I wanted (for working with kids), but I still got a great experience from TeachIT.

Jennifer Timbrook

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Timbrook and I am a junior here at Indiana University
studying Informatics with a minor in business, Spanish, and financial literacy. This not only was my first
semester in Teach IT, but it was also my first semester being a part of Serve IT. I started off my time
with the Boys and Girls Club where my team and I taught our first lesson on basic algorithms. Being
around young and inspired faces was a breath of fresh air on my normally crazy and stressful Mondays.
Unfortunately, the Boys and Girls Club schedule did not fit with my class schedule as well as I had hoped
so I switched my service hours to the Shalom Center where I joined an amazing team of four other
Teach IT interns. At the Shalom Center, a housing center for the homeless in Bloomington, our job was
to give weekly tech lessons to anyone who wanted to learn. Each week we prepared a lesson plan for
things such as setting up your iCloud or Google account, ways to get free entertainment on your mobile
device, how to set up email, how to get started on LinkedIN, etc. While these were our lesson plans for
the week, we also were there to provide any sort of technology troubleshooting, so it kept us on our
toes! I love being a part of Teach IT, I was connected with a few old friends and have met many new
friends in the informatics community that I’m not sure I would have had to pleasure to meet without
Serve IT. When you are given the opportunity to teach others it also reminds you of how far you’ve
come and all the things you have learned and accomplished.

Evan Spears

Working with Teach IT this semester at the Crestmont Boys and Girls Club in Bloomington has been such a rewarding experience. Watching kids get excited about learning technology is something I look forward to every time I go to volunteer. I have been working with kids for a long time but this experience presented a new challenge to me and is so satisfying to help kids learn new exciting things. I would highly recommend all IU technology majors to volunteer with Teach IT if they want a fulfilling, worthwhile experience teaching local children the basics of coding!

Alexander Theohares

Hello, I am a sophomore Informatics student pursuing a cognate in Business. This
semester with ServeIT has been great, and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to serve a
second term with the Training team! We worked on quite a bit of material this semester, but I
focused mainly on training clinic members about JIRA, GitHub, and WordPress. Recently, we
had a training session exclusively for graduate students in SPEA where we covered Microsoft
Access and Microsoft Excel. This was a nice change of pace for the semester and allowed us to
expand our reach to outside of the clinic. I look forward to working in ServeIT again next
semester and I am grateful for the experiences I had this semester with my teammates!

Gamaliel Garcia

My name is Gamaliel Garcia and I am a Junior in the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Business and minoring in Human Centered Computing and Sociology. For my third semester in ServeIT, I am working with Be Loved Transportation to redesign their existing website. Be Loved Transportation provides non-emergency medical transportation to anyone who needs it. My duties this semester involved working with WordPress in an iterative way to create a website that accomplishes its objective of bridging the gap between patients and reliable healthcare. Additionally, I have conducted usability tests to ensure that our website is meeting the needs of those who need it the most. By completing these tasks, I have further developed the skills of design thinking and working using an Agile methodology to continue my path of becoming a Digital Technology Consultant.

Madeline Burlage-Haynes

Hi! My name is Madeline Burlage-Haynes. I’m a Junior majoring in Informatics with a Business Cognate and minoring in both Human-Centered Computing and Business. This is my first semester with the Serve IT Nonprofit Clinic where I am an intern with Teach IT. Being an intern for Serve IT has helped to expand my network of friends within the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, allowing me to make closer connections with people that share my interests and my love for volunteering. Being a part of Teach IT has especially given me the opportunity to get involved in the Bloomington community in much closer way than I ever imagined. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with the teens at the Crestmont Boys and Girls club once a week for the past few months, teaching them basic coding skills through various computer games. I have also been very fortunate to be able to work with adults at the Shalom Center, helping some individuals set up their own Chromebooks. I have really enjoyed my first semester with Serve IT because it combines my love of technology and my passion for volunteering. I look forward to being a Team Lead next school year with Teach IT and being able to take on more responsibilities by using it for my Senior year capstone project.

Molly Gatewood

I go by the name of Molly. I am a Senior studying Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing and Cyber Security. This is my second semester with TeachIT, and my first with ServeIT. I work on the Tech Support team and work with Teach IT. Working on two team, as a lead, I got to interact with many non-profit organizations. I enjoy being able to help others understand how to learn new concepts and/or understand basic technology. The experience through out the entire capstone was a success, and you have the chance to meet many people.

Binita Madaiah

Hi! I’m Binita Madaiah and I am currently a sophomore here at IU majoring in Informatics with cognate
in Business with a minor in Human Resources Management. This is my first semester on ServeIT and I
am currently a part of the Tech Support Team. I have always had an interest in understanding the
intersectionality between technology and people and one of the main reasons I joined the tech support
team is to better understand how different tools are used in the local Bloomington area to serve various
purposes. I have learnt a lot this semester working on different projects with other teams and also had a
lot of fun going through the tech storage room in the ServeIT office and organizing it and throwing away
computers and keyboards that don’t work anymore. It’s been a great semester so far and I can’t wait to
learn more!