Wei Zhang

I’m Wei Zhang, one of the team lead in Teach IT. Instead of doing capstone in my Senior year, I am more enjoying doing intern in Serve IT, not only there has more volunteer opportunities to help students and local residents but also I can improve my problem solving skills and real world practice experience. My main responsibility is contact between  Bloomington Housing Authority as well as  Monroe County Public Library and students.

William Ollo

During this semester I wanted to get experience working on a project while being on a team. I also
wanted to get a good feel for how work is distributed and how fast certain tasks get finished. Even
though everyone on the team has to jugle classes and the work for the team it is a good indicator of how
things work.
This semester I have been working with mapbox to develop maps that will eventually be used in the tour
app that the entire team is working on developing. The maps should have a decent amount of
functionality when they are all finished. Each map will have a start and an end point for the tour and also
they will have markers to indicate each stop. The maps will also have gps tracking to keep track of where
the user is, and some information about each stop. Being on the city of bloomington team has been a
really enjoyable experience with all my teammates. Overall it has been a good semester.

Dante Graham

Hi, my name is Dante Graham and I am on the Teach IT team within Serve IT. I’m a Junior
studying Informatics and minoring in Cyber Security. I’m a part of the NESBE, Lambda Chi Alpha
and Chi Alpha Epsilon honor society on campus. I am excited to be a part of the Bloomington
Housing Authority and the Boys and Girls Club at Crestmont. With BHA I help adults understand
and utilize technology for personal use. With the Boys and Girls Club I help teach coding lessons
to young aspiring teens.

Fisher Cherechinsky

Hey! I’m Fisher Cherechinsky, a sophomore studying Computer Science. I’m interested in digital signal processing (DSP) and communication protocols as they relate to music and interactive performance, e.g. through the use of sensors, controllers, lights, and software.

I’m wrapping up my first semester with Teach IT and the Boys & Girls Club of Ellettsville, but I’ve worked with kids for years, coaching and officiating youth sports at the YMCA while in high school in Valparaiso, IN, and tutoring at Middle Way House (The Rise!) during the school year. Learning about technology helps me understand how the world works, and I love that by sharing my wonderment I can empower others.

My goal in teaching this semester has been to demystify algorithmic thinking and programming. Oftentimes the only barrier preventing someone from using computers to solve a problem is unfamiliarity with the jargon. Programming is meant to simplify life, and an early introduction to the concepts and vocabulary will make it more accessible.

Xander Tatum

Hello, my name is Xander Tatum from the City of Bloomington Team, and this was my first year working
in the Serve IT clinic. I am a senior this year, and initially, I was only doing this as a Capstone alternative,
but over the course of the semester, it has become much more than that. I initially became interested in
the Computer Science and IT field back during my Freshman year when I took a computer science class
on a whim. It wasn’t long after that that I changed my major from Journalism to Informatics (Computer
Science took way too much math for my tastes). Since then, I’ve done work with Python (my main
coding language), HTML, CSS, and recently a little bit of Java and C. This was an interesting experience,
especially considering what I had initially expected going in to this program. When I saw the description
for the City of Bloomington, it freaked me out. I mean, a “virtual tour app”? I was worried that we would
be delving into VR technology, but thank goodness that wasn’t the case. For me, I was responsible for
the creation of the webpage layout, trying to make the design team’s sketch a reality (personally, I feel I
failed miserably, but it is a learning experience after all). It was also an interesting (read “stressful”)
experience to be told that the previous 8-12 weeks of work were basically useless, and would have to be
replaced with something else. Going forward, I feel that I have a slightly better handle on my skill set, as
well as how to react in the event of unexpected situations in the work force.

Shayan Khokhar

Hello, my name is Shayan Khokhar and I am a senior majoring in
Computer Science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems and
minors in Math and Business. After discovering last semester that SICE
offered a great opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in my courses
to give back to the Bloomington community, I decided to join ServeIT
and this fall has been my first semester working in the clinic. This
semester I have worked on the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington
(AAGB) team where we have been working on redesigning the AAGB’s
website and implementing a system using CiviCRM which will help the
Arts Alliance organize and manage the collection of artists,
organizations, and sponsors that work with them.

What I felt were personally the most valuable and rewarding parts of
working in the ServeIT clinic were the experiences that I had
interacting with our clients during our meetings and through
volunteering at the Thomas Gallery. I valued these experiences the
most because they taught me lessons about how to effectively interact
with a client, how to make adjustments to a project when the client
changes the criteria, and how to operate a non-profit/small business.
I feel that all of these valuable lessons that I’ve learned through
ServeIT can really only be learned through experiences in the real
world rather than through lectures in a classroom. I am very thankful
for ServeIT for providing me with the opportunity to learn outside of
a standard classroom setting and give back to a non-profit in my local

Jude Diagostino

Hello my name is Jude Diagostino and I am a junior majoring in Informatics and Computing with a cognate in Business. This is my first semester with Serve IT and my third semester with Serve IT as a whole. I am from Pittsboro, IN and I like to play sports in my free time. This semester I worked with the Bloomington Housing Authority with my client Pam. I really enjoyed the interaction working with someone helping them out with technology. I was able to help her out along with having a good time. I am returning this upcoming semester as a Team Lead for the Shalom House.

Clarence Sormillon

Hi! My name is Clarence Sormillon and I’m a Junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business. This was my first semester being a part of the Serve IT Nonprofit clinic but I have already learned so much about real world work. I was assigned to the South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities team under a team lead as a developer to help create a website which helps provide affordable housing for low and moderate income households around Bloomington. This website allows tenants and landlords to easily dig for information with a consistent layout layered with iconography and color photography using HTML/CSS, PHP, and WordPress. Working under a team lead alongside fellow IU students as well as a client has pushed me to do the best work I can do to benefit others in the future.

Laney Eldridge

I am Laney Eldridge, a junior studying Informatics with a cognate in Business and minor in
Human Centered Computing. I am from rival territory and grew up as a Boilermaker in West
Lafayette, IN. In the day of the life of Laney, you can find me biking, preparing for the Little 500
race, returning to the freshman dining halls to satisfy my crave and love for typical college food
or spending time with my best friends that I have made throughout my experience here at IU.
This is my first semester in Teach IT and it has been extremely eye-opening and gratifying. Not
only am I able to be involved with teaching what I love, tech, but I also fill my heart knowing I
am opening a world of opportunities for the children I interact with. Technology has evolved into
a powerful tool and being able to pass the knowledge I have to children of the future, is how I
would describe my view of being a part of the Teach IT team.

Minh Tong

My name is Minh Tong, and I am a senior majoring in Computer Science with a specialization in
Intelligent Systems and minoring in Mathematics and Security Informatics. This is my third
semester working in ServeIT. This semester I have the pleasure of being a member on team
working with South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities (SCIHO). This is my first time
working with a client-facing team, and it has been an exciting experience to help develop a
WordPress website for a client. I had worked a little bit with WordPress previously but nothing
as large as being a developer for a site. It has been an enjoyable learning experience to dive into
figuring out how WordPress works to generate a website. My primary contributions have been to
utilize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to structure and add functionality to the webpages according
to the team’s designers’ specifications. I look forward to finishing a website that SCIHO will be
proud to display on the web.