Charlie Myers

My name is Charlie Myers and this semester is my first semester with Serve IT, specifically
Teach IT. Going into this program I was very excited to teach kids the basics of computer
science and I had high expectations, which have very well been met. To see these children
develop websites and have fun with games that involve coding is something that is very special.

Jeongyeon Kim

Hello, my name is JY Kim. I am a senior, majoring in Information Systems and Business
Analytics at Kelley School of Business. I will be joining MSIS program in this Fall and I have
been trying to become a Technology Analyst or broadly IT Consultant after graduation.
This is my first semester at Serve IT. When I heard that I was selected as one of the interns, I
was very excited to work with technology savvy people to make a better impact for this
Bloomington community and excited with the thought of gaining real technology consulting
experience throughout the entire Spring semester.
As of April, after three months since the beginning of the project, I am feeling like my decision to
join the Serve IT Clinic was right. This is because the values I am gaining while being a part of
the Team INPAWS are way beyond my expectations.
I’ve been taking a role of Business Analyst Intern and it’s been helping me having some
perspectives that consultants should have for the team and for the successful result.
Throughout the tasks from requirements gathering to implementation, I’ve developed my
communication skills as well as a certain degree of technical skills in data management and
system analysis by collaborating with other functional teams.
Lastly, I would want to thank IU for providing this awesome internship opportunity that students
can grow up as future professionals while creating meaningful works.

Anthony Tugman

My name is Anthony Tugman, a sophomore majoring in Intelligent Systems Engineering with a
concentration in Cyber Physical Systems. As the semester comes to an end, I wanted to take
the time to reflect on my time in Teach IT. I joined Teach IT to allow me to give back to the
local community. High school allowed me to have significant involvement in the community
but it has proven difficult in my time at IU. Teach IT was a perfect fit for my schedule so I
decided to take the opportunity. I was surprised to find that during my time at the
Bloomington Housing Authority I took away much more than a sense of giving back. I was able
to see firsthand how a lack of access and understanding of technology was effecting my
resident. I realized how much I take technology for granted and how it has allowed me to
advance in my education as well as quality of life. Although I was able to spend only 1 semester
with my resident, I will take what I learned with me and put it to work in my passion for
accessible technology for all.

Jude Diagostino

My name is Jude Diagostino and I am a junior studying Informatics and Computing with a cognate in
business. I am from the west side of Indianapolis in a small town called Pittsboro. This is my fourth
semester with the clinic and my first semester as a team lead for the Shalom Community Center. We
have been going to Shalom and offering services ranging from setting up email accounts, learning about
google drive, and working on Linked In. We make ourselves available to help any the people who go to
Shalom. I will be returning next semester as a team lead for Teach IT, and am very excited to continue
with the clinic.

Joshua Smith

Hello, I’m Joshua Smith and I’m nearing the end of my final semester with Serve-IT. Last semester, I worked 3 credit hours, which means working 12 hours each week. This time around, I decided to only work 1, so it’s been a chill experience in comparison. That said, I’ve still done some great design work for my client this semester, the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington. A couple weeks ago, I also managed to do some awesome volunteer work with the Interfaith Winter Shelter. I got to meet some amazing people and help provide them with a safe place to stay for the night. This was a truly humbling experience and I will never forget doing it. Unfortunately, since I’m a Senior, I will not be returning to Serve-IT next Fall, but I am very glad to have taken part in helping the Bloomington community and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Connor Miller

Hi, my name is Connor Miller. I am a junior in the School of Informatics, with a minor in business and
cognate in health systems administration. This is my second semester with the Teach IT team, I worked
with the Shalom Center and at the Bloomington Housing Authority this semester. Working with these
two organizations I have helped people with any of their computing or technological needs. It’s always
great to see people learn how to use tech to make their lives easier. Working with Teach IT is very
rewarding, and allows you to meet many new people with similar interests. I will be continuing to work
with Teach IT as a team lead next semester, I’m excited to start this new role!

Michael McDaniel

Hello! I am currently a Junior at IU pursuing a major in Informatics with minors in business marketing Human Centered Computing. This is my third semester with ServeIT and I have loved every day of being apart of it! This semester I have been working on the BeLoved Transportation team. We are working with the owner of this local business to re-build his website so that he can be found more easily by the people in the community that could use his non-emergency, health care transportation services. This is a free service that truly has an impact on lives in the Bloomington community. I am one of the developers for this team and have been working on building out the website using the WordPress platform. Our goal is to help him reach more people that he can help and a website as well as social media content will hopefully do just that. I have loved working on the BeLoved team and I am excited to be return next year as well!

Lucas Rutherford

Hey everyone! My name is Lucas Rutherford, and I am currently a sophomore studying Informatics with
minors in Business and Creative Advertising. This is my second semester in the ServeIT clinic, and I have
had an awesome semester working on the INPAWS team. One of my classes, I308, has taught me the
basics of SQL and PHP throughout the semester, which are very useful for the project we are working
on. This has been awesome to see how my material in class has transferred to a real-world application.
My other involvements include Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity, Peer Coaching, Indiana University
Dance Marathon Public Relations Committee, and I am currently training to become a tour guide for the

Audra Sartore-Getty

Hi, everyone! My name is Audra Sartore-Getty, and I am from Evansville, Indiana. I’m currently a second year undergraduate student studying Informatics, and working towards a minor in Business and a Human-Centered Computing. Now, if you can’t find me in a computer lab or at Luddy Hall, I’m probably running around at the Recreational soccer fields, working at the Big Cheeze food truck, or with my dog, Maggie. This is my second semester working with Teach IT, and I just love working in this diverse community that Bloomington provides.

Karly Kandel

My name is Karly Kandel and I’m from Kendallville, IN. I am currently a Junior studying
Informatics with a cognate in graphic design and a minor is human-centered computing. This is
my first semester working for the ServeIT clinic and so far it has been an amazing experience!
The team I was placed on this semester was INPAWS, which stands for Indiana Native Plant &
Wildflower Society. We are helping to build a plant database on their website so people can look
up specific information to help them succeed in growing wildlife. The tasks that I have worked
on this semester so far are designing the layout of the database and creating an interactive
prototype. I’m using the interactive prototype for in depth user testing to get a better
understanding for what people like and dislike about the database.  The next task I plan to take
on this semester is using PHP to create the result page on the database. I’m so excited to see
what the finished project will look like at the end of the semester!