Jesica Courtney

Hello! My name is Jesica Courtney, and I am currently a junior studying Informatics and Theatre with a cognate in Music and a minor in Human Centered Computing. This is my third semester with Serve IT, and this is my first semester on a client team. This semester, I worked for Agon, a swim club based out of Elletsville. For this project, my team built Agon a new website, primarily to raise awareness of the club as well as creating internal pages for current members.

On this team, I have functioned primarily as a designer. Being on a client-facing team has been challenging, but extremely rewarding. This semester has been a great learning experience for me, and I look forward to finishing up this semester and seeing what next semester brings!

Cylie Miller

I’m Cylie Miller and I am from Georgetown, Indiana.  I am a Senior in Informatics with a Computer Science cognate and Outdoor Recreation minor.  At Indiana University I play for IU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team, participated in IU Dance Marathon, and have worked as an Undergraduate Instructor for the Introduction to Computer Science course.  My love for travel and the outdoors has led me to some amazing places, such as backpacking in the Grand Canyon, studying abroad in Australia, and bungee jumping in New Zealand.  After graduation I will be moving to Denver, Colorado to work as a software consultant for Blue Horseshoe Solutions.
This is my second semester in Serve IT.  I am a member of the Community Justice and Mediation Center team.  I enjoy Web Development and am excited to learn more as well as put my prior knowledge towards a good cause.  I am most looking forward to getting real world experience in creating a website and gathering requirements.

Adrian Hicks

Hello, I’m Adrian Hicks and I’m the Tech Support Co-Team Lead this fall along with Caci Helton-Beyers – this will be my eighth semester with the clinic! Since I’ve moved into the team lead role, I’ve been a lot busier than I usually am, and thus, have been involved in quite a few projects so far. Our biggest project this semester has been the conversion for Girls Inc. from using an onsite server for file storage and instead moving them into the cloud through Office365. Our other main body of work has included performing cleaning and maintenance for clients, including Wildcare Inc., Boys & Girls Crestmont and Lincoln locations, Girls Inc. and Habitat for Humanity. It’s been a great experience going onsite to provide tech support, as I’m often able to get a better idea of how these organizations work by seeing it from the inside out. Also, giving back to the various nonprofits through direct service volunteer opportunities has been another great opportunity, as I’ve been able to commit my time and effort towards accomplishing the organization’s mission.

I’m looking forward to continuing my semester with Serve IT, as we’ll be getting started on rolling out newly refurbished systems to both Girls Inc. and the Boys & Girls Club Crestmont. In the process, we’ll be refurbishing a total of 15+ computers between the two and reworking their network after installation in order to increase efficiency and decrease clutter; this will allow both organizations the ability to conduct more computer oriented activities. I’m also looking forward to returning to Serve IT as the team lead of the Tech Support team again as I believe it’ll be another good semester in the books.

Prashant Patel

My name is Prashant Patel, and I am an intern on the Tech Support team this semester. Our work has consisted of going to local businesses, such as Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Club Claremont, and Habitat for Humanity, to check out their computer situation to diagnose what problems they have. At Girls Inc., we mainly worked with their accounts and transferring the files and documents on each account onto a Microsoft OneDrive account for cloud storage. We also wanted to create whitelists for both Girls Inc. and Boys and Girls Club to prevent children from accessing any inappropriate content on the internet. Next, at Boys and Girls Club Claremont, we really haven’t done too much there at the moment, but we have scheduled time to go there in the next week and work with their computers. I believe they are having some issues with software there. Lastly, at Habitat for Humanity, our last visit was 2 weeks ago and we pretty much took inventory of each computer; specs, programs, capabilities, etc. We have also created time to go there as well. Another facet of the work we have been doing is research videos through Lynda. Recently, I registered at the Monroe library for a library card so I could watch videos on Lynda in regards to Windows 10 and essential operations. As for my future work, I hope to continue the same set of work for the next few weeks and I would like to develop my IT skills and knowledge. I appreciate the resources and the self-pacing nature of the internship, and I am learning about software and hardware in a more intensive and philanthropic way, which is nice to know at the end of the day.

Edrwin Revolorio

Hi! My name is Edrwin Revolorio. I am a junior studying Informatics with a minors in Spanish and Business. I like to get involved with the community, especially with the diverse culture here in Bloomington. So far, I’ve have participated in giving lessons at the Ellettsville/Lincoln Street Boys and Girls Club as well as Girls Inc. At the afterschool clubs, I help students learn about different concepts such as coding, the internet, web design, etc. I have also done the lessons at the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship and was involved in taking apart computer hardware to show kids the parts that make the computer run. I love teaching kids about some of the basic levels of technology, especially because it deals with my major. I never got a chance to learn some of these concepts as a kid and find it very essential for kids to learn at young age because technology is growing so fast.

Jimmy Kacius

Hi! My name is Jimmy Kacius and I’m a sophomore Informatics major from Indianapolis. I’m going into the final weeks of my first semester in the Serve IT clinic, and I’m so proud to look back at all that I and everyone else on my team has accomplished. I had the pleasure of working on the Teach IT team this semester, where I taught at the Ellettsville Boys and Girls Club twice a week. The kids were always excited to come to learn about HTML, online surveying, internet data centers, Excel, and so much more. I also helped put on an event at the Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, where local high school students could come to learn about virtual reality, robotics, Python, e-textiles, and computer hardware.

One of my favorite parts of working on the TeachIT team is seeing how excited the kids get about some of their favorite activities, such as creating online surveys then putting the data they gathered into a visual graph. I wasn’t introduced to many of the subjects I teach until I was in high school, and these kids are excited about them as 3rd graders!

I’ve loved being a member of ServeIT, and I’ll definitely be back next semester.

Blake Kazmierzak

So far Fall 2016 has been very exciting for me, as I’ve been thrown into a whole new team with an incredible purpose. This semester is jam packed with new experiences and learning opportunities. Being on the tech support team here at Serve IT, I felt right at home from the beginning. I have always had a great passion for technology and love learning how different technologies function. I get much satisfaction out of helping people and I enjoy working with a team to complete the task on hand. I have worked Girls Inc. with my team to bring stability to the company’s technological organizational skills with the implementational of a cloud-based storage system. We also troubleshoot computers and other hardware such as printers on a weekly basis. Serve IT has exposed me to real-world problems and has allowed me to take part in opportunities to work with actual clients. I’ve gained a new outlook on what I should expect when working not only with a team, but with our clients. I hope that I will only learn more as the semester goes on through research and vicariously through the members of my team. I’m excited to begin working with new clients, and I am thrilled to know that I will have more chances to serve as help to others thanks to Serve IT.

Brad Jones

My name is Brad and I am a Computer Science major from Plainfield, Indiana. This is my first semester as a Serve IT intern and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience as an intern thus far. Currently, I am a member of the clinic’s development and training team where I have had the opportunity to gain some valuable technical experience doing web-related development work. As a member of the development and training team, I have had the opportunity to learn a new programming language (PHP), learn how to set up servers for websites, and how to create Jekyll websites. At the moment, I am helping to create a process that would automate the process of creating website servers and databases for teams as well as also instituting version-control using GitHub. The goal of this is to cut down on the amount of time client teams spend creating the foundation of their websites. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds for me as a member of Serve IT.

Castine Brock

My name is Castine Brock, I am majoring in informatics with a cognate in cybersecurity. I am a member of the Development and maintenance team, so far I have helped our team by doing research and helping to provide resources in order to make tasks easier. I hope to be able to make a bigger contribution to my group as the semester continuous and also to help where ever I can.

Brooke Foulk

My name is Brooke Foulk, and I am a sophomore studying informatics! This is my second semester with the Teach IT team, and I am loving it even more than last semester. Each Tuesday, two other students and myself volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club with an hour block they call Club Tech. We design lesson plans that are captivating to these students of different ages. We usually find really cool games online that are used as educational, yet fun ways to teach them technology. The main goal in being in Teach IT is to provide these children with a way to learn technology in ways that they don’t necessarily learn in school. We want it to be fun so that they see that technology can be for everyone. Passions can be developed at any age, and elementary school is a great time to spark those passions.I am excited to continue sparking these passions in children as I continue my internship for the next three semesters until I graduate!