Cassidy Wichowsky

Hello! My name is Cassidy Wichowsky, and I’m a junior studying Computer Science with a
specialization in Intelligent Systems and a Minor in Japanese. I’m currently spending my first
semester on ServeIT with the maintenance team. So far, I’ve worked on websites for Middle
Way House and the Ladies Auxiliary, as well as a python application for My Sister’s Closet. My
favorite things about serveIT are gaining real-world project experience while doing rewarding
work, and being able to meet other passionate technology majors. I’m looking forward to the
rest of my time with the clinic!

Marisa Anderson

Hello, my name is Marisa Anderson. I am a Junior majoring in Informatics, with a cognate in Human Centered Computing. This is my second semester in the ServeIT clinic, and I am a member of the Design and User Testing team. This semester I have been working with Rhino’s Youth Center. On this project, I have been collaborating with an external designer to design the new website for Rhino’s. So far this semester I have learned a lot about design wireframing, and I have become more familiar with new design software. I am looking forward to seeing the finished website at the end of the semester.

Brad Jones

My name is Brad Jones and I am a Computer Science major from Plainfield, Indiana. This is my third
semester as a Serve IT intern and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience as an intern thus far.
Currently, I am a member of the clinic’s Maintenance team where I have had the opportunity to gain
some valuable technical experience doing web-related maintenance and development work. As a
member of the Maintenance team, I have had the opportunity to learn more about how WordPress
works and then use that knowledge to make some design changes to a number of websites that clinic
administers for local non-profits. At the moment, I am working on developing a new feature for
Middleway House’s website. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds for me as a
member of Serve IT.

Alex McAlister

Hello! I am Alex McAlister on the Dev Ops team of the Serve IT Clinic. This is my first semester with Serve
IT and I am lucky to have been placed on the Dev Ops team. We are a well-oiled machine that is
responsible for deploying the websites for the client-facing teams. So far this semester, I have been
learning the basic skills needed for the team and have been contributing toward our goals. I still have a
lot to learn but the members of my team have been very helpful to me. I hope to continue my
development skills for the rest of the semester and to continue to help Serve IT provide the best service

Celeste Carver

Hi, I’m Celeste Carver, a senior at Indiana University majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Public
Health. This is my second semester with Serve IT and I’ll be working as a Team Lead within Teach IT. The
agency I’ll be collaborating closest with is the Shalom Community Center, a resource center for those
living in poverty in the Bloomington area. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside them
and fellow interns to integrate the use of technology into their lives, while remaining sensitive to their
needs and circumstances. I’ll also be working with numerous other organizations within Bloomington
and surrounding areas including the Boys and Girls Club, Girls Inc., and the Monroe County Public
Library. I’m passionate about using technology to touch the lives of others in a meaningful way and to
do so I think it’s important to consider various cultural and societal norms that can impact people’s
experiences and understanding of technology. Teach IT not only provides me the chance to teach
others, but to learn from them as well.

Alex Flinchum

My name is Alex Flinchum, and I am a junior in the School of Informatics and
Computing at Indiana University with a major in Informatics and a minor in Computer Science. I
have been working with programming languages and technology since my junior year of high
school when I decided to take a programming class and AP Computer Science. I have learned
and utilized many programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL,
and Racket. I enjoy formulating ideas and developing software with the use of these languages.
I joined Serve IT during the spring semester of my sophomore year. I am currently
working on the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra Team as we develop their website. My role
within this project is to develop their web application through WordPress and other
programming languages with my peers. So far in my involvement with this project, I have been
learning how to operate WordPress and adding functions to pages. I plan on improving on my
skills with WordPress so that I can help further with the development of the website.

Genevieve Lampert

Hi, I’m Genevieve Lampert and I’m a sophomore majoring in Informatics with a Psychology cognate and
a minor in Human-Centered Computing. This is my first semester with the Serve IT Nonprofit Clinic as a
member of the External Relations team. We work to spread awareness of Serve IT and recruit more
interns to the program. Personally, I have the responsibility of running the official Serve IT Instagram
account (@iuserveit) and posting updates about each team and the nonprofits they work with. I really
enjoy my work because I am eager to promote Serve IT’s mission across campus and show the rest of IU
what we’re all about. I’m so glad I applied for this internship because it combines my passion for
volunteering with my love of technology! I can’t wait to continue with Serve IT throughout the
remainder of my time here at IU!

Reagan Roush

I am Reagan Roush, a Computer Science major with a minor in History. This is my second
semester working as an intern. I’m currently on the Maintenance team for the Fall 2017
semester of Serve IT. Right now I am helping fix up the Interfaith Winter Shelter’s website.
My first semester (Spring 2017) I worked on the Community Foundation of Morgan County
team. I helped redesign their website, mainly working on the front-end. It was very satisfying to
see my work go live!
With the help of this valuable experience, I will move on after this semester to work towards my
degree as my courseload becomes even heavier. Still, my time with Serve IT has been very
memorable and it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Renee Bialas

My name is Renee Bialas and I have been a part of the Serve IT clinic for four semesters. I am a junior
studying computer science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems. I also have a certificate in
Informatics and a minor in Spanish. I am orginally from the western suburbs of Chicago, Darien, IL
I began at Serve IT in spring of 2016 and have continued there ever since. My first team was
Teach IT, where I organized and led technology lessons at Boys and Girls Club and Girls Inc. I really
enjoyed the hands-on experience I gained throughout that semester. I especially enjoyed interacting
with the students and teaching them lessons that we were both passionate about. My second team was
Training and Development. On this team we organized and led training for the entire clinic. Last
semester and this semester I am on the MCCSC Special Education team.
The MCCSC Special Education team is a team of five people tackling a challenging but exciting
task. We are creating a scheduling web application for special education coordinators to use to create
and view schedules for their students and student aids. Previously coordinators had their own individual
methods to creating the schedule. This resulted in ineffiecient planning and took up a lot of the
coordinator’s time. Our application aims to minimize the time needed to schedule and to provide an
easy to follow schedule for students, aids and coordinators. This project and Serve IT excite me because
they provide real world experience and extend to the Bloomington community. Our team is excited to
complete this project this semester!

Ontick Khan

Hey! My name is Ontick Khan and I’m a senior here at Indiana University. I am an
Informatics major with a Business cognate, as well as minors in Finance and Business as well.
This is my first semester of being a part of the Serve IT Clinic and I have really been enjoying
my experiences working alongside my team members. I am a part of the Maintenance team and
have had the opportunity to work with a couple of different local non-profit organizations,
including the Interfaith Shelter and My Sister’s Closet. This is my first time working with
Wordpress, and interacting daily with Jira and GitHub as well. I’m really interested in a career in
consulting so it’s been a great experience so far doing actual work for clients as this will help me
prepare for the future work that I will be doing. I have encountered some challenges along the
way, but that’s been a fun part of the experience as well! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the
semester has to offer.