Tyler Mehay

My Name is Tyler Mehay and I am a junior studying computer science with a minor in mathematics. This is my second semester in ServeIT. I spent my first semester as a developer for the Boy & Girls Ladies Auxiliary Club and this semester I will be working with the training team. I am currently working with my team to publish training materials for the clinic to use as well as create presentations to further the clinics knowledge on relevant material that they will come across when working on projects.

Thomas LeVine

My name is Thomas LeVine. I am a Junior at Indiana University majoring in Informatics with a focus in Computer Science. This is my first semester working in the Serve IT program where I have had the opportunity to work for Justice Unlocked. As a member of the development team, I am helping to redesign and develop Justice Unlocked’s website using WordPress. I have had prior experience with web design but this is my first time using WordPress. I plan on working with Serve IT again next semester and am excited to see what is to come!


Edrwin Revolorio

Coming into my second semester in Serve IT, I felt a little intimidated working on a new team with the City of Bloomington but felt right in place with my position on the team. First we worked on a project to improve the website for the City of Bloomington and worked on user research by conducting ethnographic interviews within Bloomington. Then we moved forward to a new project that we are currently working on. This project is based around a web-based application where users can take self-guided tours of landmarks throughout Bloomington. With the talented people on our team, we have made substantial steps toward design and have made great progress. I have learned a tremendous amount and have been able to really work on my soft skills as well as my technical skills. Working on this team has allowed me to really apply the ideas and concepts directly from the courses at Indiana University and have been able to gain invaluable experience. I am excited to start development for this project and can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds for us.

Skyler Booth

My name is Skyler Booth. Currently, I am a junior at Indiana University Bloomington studying informatics with a cognate in security and minoring in human-centered computing. I am from Howe, Indiana. This is my first semester working with Serve IT. The team I am working on this semester is the design and user testing. This semester I have been co-working with the Arts Alliance team, an external team here in ServeIT. I have been helping create designs for the new website we are creating for them. In addition to helping with the design, I will soon be aiding their team with user testing the site. This is where I will act as a user and go through the site in order to see what parts of the website work well and which areas need improvement. As far as my work with my design and user testing team, I have helped aid other members by giving them critiques and feedback to designs they have created for their external teams. This semester has been great and I am looking forward to seeing how the Arts Alliance website turns out. I am also looking forward to working in the ServeIT clinic next semester.

Marty Ramanauskas

My name is Marty Ramanauskas and I am a junior pursuing an Informatics degree with double minors in Business and Marketing. I started ServeIT last semester on the Development and Maintenance Team and have continued as a member for this semester. I have been working with Django for clients such as My Sister’s Closet and am currently working with Habitat for Humanity. My contributions include editing and debugging their Monroe county website through WordPress and templating as well as meeting with the client and discussing their desired features and implementations. I am excited to continue as an intern for ServeIT next year and what the future has in store for me!

Jacquelyn Tang

My name is Yuanyuan(Jacquelyn) Tang and I am a junior majoring in Information System with a minor in computer science. This semester, I have had the opportunity to work on the Tech Support team where I have taught to how to work with clients to solve their technical issue and help them with their requirements. This is my first semester working with Serve IT clinic and it allowed me to gain many valuable and helpful real work skills. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences and I am excited to utilize those skills in the future.

Omar White

Hey, I am Omar White, the team lead for the Maintenance team at the Serve IT clinic. My team is a bit different than the client facing teams in the clinic. We don’t work on a single project start to finish with a single client, instead we spend our time on existing projects that have been completed by previous client facing teams. Our primary goal is to make sure pervious Serve IT clients receive the support that need for the sites and applications we have built for them.

This semester we have been dealing with a considerable back log of projects from pervious semesters. This has added to our responsibilities this semester, as we had to work on finishing up 4 projects, all while maintaining one of our clients live sites. So far we have already deployed one of the projects from our back log and are close to finishing the other three. This has been a very labor intensive semester from me and my interns. As a team lead I have learned how to properly multitask on projects and how to allocate resources to make sure things have gotten done. At the beginning of this school year I wouldn’t have imagined I would be capable of leading a team that has accomplished as much as my team has. I think, without a doubt, that this semester will serve as valuable experience well after graduation and throughout my career.

Kunaal Shah

My name is Kunaal Shah, I am a junior in Informatics, pursuing cognates in Security and Computer Science. This is my second semester in ServeIT where I am currently a member of the Training team. This semester we have been working on creating and presenting Github knowledge base article to teach other ServeIT members how to and why to use version control systems for their respective projects.
With quick and thorough research and input from my fellow team members, this knowledge base article is now almost complete and will be sent out to all ServeIT members shortly. I am looking forward to receiving feedback on this as improvements can always be made to better inform everybody.

Krystal Villarruel

My name is Krystal Villarruel I am currently a Junior majoring in Law and Public Policy with a minor in Information Systems. Being an intern for Teach IT has provided me the opportunity to give back to the Bloomington Community. I enjoy teaching and giving technology advice at the Monroe Public Library Tech Time as well as my client from Providence Place Retirement Home. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be an expert in technology to become an intern for Serve It, all you need is the passion to give back to others. 

Drake Davenport

Hello, my name is Drake Davenport and I am currently a junior studying Informatics with a cognate in Security. This is my 4th semester as an intern with Serve-IT and the past three semesters I was a part of the Tech Support Team, Development and Maintenance Team, and Community and Justice Mediation Team. This semester I am a part of the MCCSC Special Ed Program Team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences with Serve IT as I have gained great professional and technical skills!