Ugochukwu Orizu

Hi there, my name is Ugochukwu Orizu and I am currently a Junior Studying
Informatics with a cognate in Business and a minor in Security. This is my second
semester with Serve IT and I’m an intern with the DevOps team. This semester I
will be working on software range from development to web hosting platforms
such as Dreamhost, WordPress and GitHub. I’m currently working on a
documentation that educates users of the functionalities and differences
between WinSCP/Cyberduck and PuTTY/Terminal. I hope to gain a lot of
experience from this internship and to continue as an intern with Serve IT next

Maggie Lara

Hi! I’m Maggie and I’m a Junior studying information systems with minors in computer science and
Spanish. This is my first semester with Serve IT and it has been a wonderful experience thus far. This
semester I am on the Rhino’s Youth Center team. My team and I are working to create a new website for
Rhino’s Youth Center. So far, this semester I have worked on documentation of a new scheduling app
the Rhino’s staff is considering using. Now that the design for the website is complete, we have started
working on the development of the site. I have been working on the program pages of the website and
will have them completed by the end of the semester. I am excited to see everything we have
accomplished at the end of the semester!

Molly Gatewood

This semester I have been able to teach kids and adults many things involving technology. The
kids enjoy learning to code, and the adults enjoy learning new age technology. I am a
informatics student so this experience has shown me anyone can be baffled/intimidated by
technology. Having one on one time with users help their experience overall, and that’s what I
enjoyed mostly. I look forward to the next coming semester to see what it brings.

Julian Dietrich

Hi, my name is Julian Dietrich and I’m majoring in informatics with a cognate in security. I’m currently a sophomore, and this is my second semester at the Serve IT clinic. I had a great experience last semester, and want to continue my work at the clinic both this semester and in the future.

Our team is working with Rhino’s youth center in order to create a new and more up to date website. Our team is tasked with both the design and development of this website. At this point in the semester, we have already come up with a final design and have begun implementing it. As a developer on the team, I’m tasked with creating an attractive and responsive layout following the design prototype. I’m excited to complete my work as the semester is coming to an end and to see the final result!

Michael McDaniel

Hello there! My name is Michael McDaniel, I am a Junior this year working on my major in Informatics with minors in Business, Marketing , and Human Center Computing. This is my second semester with ServeIT and am currently on the Monroe County Community School Corporation or MCCSC for short. We have been partnering with the special education program within MCCSC in order to build a scheduling web application that will help teachers and students alike to quickly organize classes and times to generate working schedules for everyone involved. This will help staff be better prepared to teach and the students be better prepared to learn. We are building the app in PHP and SQL for the most part; my role on the team has been to help create initial mock ups and wire frames to help guide development to reach our end functionality goals. This project has been a wonderful experience for me as I have learned an enormous amount about building web apps from scratch and helping build a product that will help others is always an absolute delight! I cannot wait to return to ServeIT next semester!

Alex Theohares

Hi, my name is Alex Theohares, and I am a sophomore studying Informatics. This semester, my
second in ServeIT, I am a member of the Training team. We are one of the clinic’s internal
teams, and we help to educate clinic members on various topics that they or their team may
find useful. Presentations we have given have covered everything from WordPress to GitHub,
and focusing on such topics has given me a good understanding of many platforms that are
prevalent in the technology industry today. Additionally, we have given presentations to
students who will be new to the ServeIT clinic next Spring, covering the various functions of the
clinic’s teams and offering a broad overview of the purpose of the clinic. I have had a great
semester thus far, and I look forward to whatever ServeIT has in store for me next semester!

Ahjin Kim

Hello everyone! My name is Ahjin Kim and I am a senior at School of Informatics, Computing and
Engineering majoring in Informatics with a cognate and a minor in Business. This is my second semester
in ServeIT, and being on City of Bloomington team. I have started of my first semester as a team
member and now I am the co-team lead for the City of Bloomington team. By being part of the project
from the start, I have seen all the developing processes of the project, Touri, a web-based application for
self-guided tours for Bloomington. Our team has been working on WordPress and Mapbox for the first
half of the semester, and now we are gathering data, creating a website with PHP, and continuing to
work with Mapbox to enable GPS features. I am looking forward to developing the application and finish
the project before leaving ServeIT, and eventually present Touri to the audience.

Gahyeon Jung

My name is Gahyeon Jung, and Jennifer in English name. I am a junior in Informatics major, and minor in Human-Centered Computing. I am from South Korea, and this is my sixth years in the United States. I did different interns other than ServeIT. I researched in teams of UROC, and CEWIT, and worked as intern at Cobrix. I am also in two different clubs, AICC, Asian Informatics and Computing club, and KSA, Korean Students Association. It was my first semester to involve in ServeIT. It was great time to work with my Training team and to meet other interns in ServeIT. With working as intern in ServeIT, I learned how to work as a team, presenting skills and how to use new programs. I do not which team I am going, but I am excited to meet new team or to work with my Training team again. I hope to finish my team final project well.

Jee Yune Lee

Hi! My name is Jee Yune Lee and I amd a Junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate and minor in Human-Centered Computing. This was my first semester in SERVE IT. As a part of Training Team, I worked with interal teams of SERVE IT and provided several and various training sessions for softwares and development tools such as GitHub, WordPress, JIRA and AGILE. I was happy to assist any client-facing teams for their projects. I am looking forward to have more useful and practical experiences through SERVE IT.

Jay Patel

Hello everyone, my name is Jay Patel and I am on the External Relations team for ServeIT this
semester. I am majoring Informatics with a minor in business. This is my first semester doing
ServeIT, and I am really enjoying this valuable experience which lets me utilize my skills.
Recently, I am handling the schedule of posts on Facebook, as well as maintain a social media
tracker on an Excel spreadsheet. What that means is whichever teams posts their pictures in
the social media dropbox, I will have to keep track of those pictures and post them in the Excel
spreadsheet. Once this excel spreadsheet is done, it will be easier for the people in External
Relations next semester to keep track as well. These experiences has developed my technical
skills. It also allows me to network with other people and make valuable connections, which will
be beneficial in the future.