Jordan Mazerolle

Hey! My name is Jordan Mazerolle and I’m currently a senior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing, my minors include psychology and intelligence studies. This semester I am the Capstone student for the City of Bloomington Project and I help to facilitate that all of our interns are well versed in design principles, given our project is heavily design based, and to ensure that our work not only addresses our clients needs but the constraints that surround them.

This is my 4th semester with Serve IT and It has made me keenly aware of what a project life cycle looks like and the challenges that come along with being a team lead in this environment. Through leading a team and working for Serve IT, it has made me more adaptive when it comes to my design work and it has allowed me to take in a number of different factors when making decisions for the team and more specifically the project. I’m excited to see how I can apply my experience with this organization to situations that await in grad school and beyond, cheers!

Tristan Englert

The Training Team is hard at work this semester! We have been working to train our clinic members on how to better use technology, which helps Serve IT better serve our clients.

For the first half of this semester, we worked to compile training materials for a GitHub training session, which was on February 12th, and a subsequent GitHub knowledge base for future semesters. Currently, we have been researching best practices for developing with WordPress, and we will be holding a WordPress training session post Spring Break. Our primary goal for this training session is to teach our clinic to use child themes when developing for WordPress to avoid complications in the future. Our interns have been researching payment methods for WordPress sites, to give our clients who accept donations flexibility on how they want to do so.

Looking ahead, we will be wrapping up the second half of the semester doing training on the Agile methodology as well as user-oriented design.

Julian Dietrich

My name is Julian Dietrich, and I’m a freshman studying Informatics with a security cognate. I was raised in Bloomington, where I’ve spent the majority of my life, and this is my first semester interning with the Teach IT team at Serve IT. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a large variety of age groups at the Lincoln Street Boys & Girls club, Girls Inc, and tech days at the MCPL. This has definitely been a positive learning experience for me, as I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done so far, and can’t wait to continue with Serve IT throughout my college career!

Andrew Messer

Hi my name is Andrew Messer. I am a computer science major. This is my first year in Serve IT. So far, I have really enjoyed my experience. I love my team, and everyone in Serve IT. I am been given the task of updating the Serve IT website. As of now, I have looked over the website to see what changes are needed. I have also gathered all of the interns pictures and bios, and updated the bios page on the website with the current interns. My current task is updating  the small slideshow on the right side of the home page with current interns. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester with Serve IT, and I hope to be able to come back next year.

Alex Theohares

My name is Alex Theohares, and I am currently a freshman studying Informatics. This is my first semester with ServeIT, and I am very excited to do some meaningful work for the Bloomington community and to add to my technology skills. This semester I am a member of the tech team here in ServeIT. I have had the opportunity to do a lot of hands-on learning, and have also met some really cool clients the clinic serves. Recently, I have worked on updating computers and laptops for clients, and I have also helped to clean computers of unnecessary software. At a recent on-site meeting with a client, I helped to connect all the computers and printers in the facility to each other, which was a major component of their wish list. The rest of the semester should be fun, and I look forward to doing what I can to help the clinic serve the community.

Christopher East

My name is Christopher East, I’m a member of the maintenance team! This is my first year at IU in SoIC and my first semester of Serve IT. Our duties are different than some of the other teams, because we work on fixing/maintaining older projects. I was placed on the PALS sub-team which utilizes the Django web-framework. Django is one of the more complicated technologies Serve IT using to complete its projects. Working on a Django project has come with a host of challenges and a steep learning curve. There were many times I felt lost and overwhelmed by jumping into an already developed website, but as I slowly worked through issues I gained a sense of confidence about my ability to learn.

Some other valuable skills I gained so far this semester is being introduced to GitHub, command line, javascript, html/css, and Agile development. Overall, Serve IT has helped push me as a developer and confirm that this type of work is what gets me excited for the future!

Hunter Bobeck

Hi, my name is Hunter Bobeck. I’m an IU sophomore studying Computer Science and Game Design. I joined ServeIT for the first time this semester to work as a developer on the new website for the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington. Having worked on several websites of my own before, I’m excited to finally apply my skills in a group setting. I also really enjoy the artistic side of this project because I am a hobby artist alongside a developer. My focus for development thus far has been on designing the homepage, reorganizing the Arts Directory, and creating the navigation layout. As the semester continues I’ll be working on more development in WordPress, such as CSS for the homepage tiles. I’ve really enjoyed meeting the team and getting to know everyone, I think we have a lot of experience in different areas so I’m sure we’ll produce a polished website by the time we’re through.

Castine Brock

My name is Castine Brock, I am a senior at the School of Informatics and Computing. My major is Informatics with a cognate in security and a minor in Elementary Education. This will be my fifth semester with Serve IT, but my first time on an External Relations team.

I enjoy working with my team lead, and the members of our group, in helping Serve IT clients better understand how to get the best out of their social media content. Currently I am working on a checklist that will help the clients to quickly evaluate their social media pages and the content they produce. The purpose of this checklist is to help the clients understand how they are using social media while at the same time showing them the areas that may need to be looked at.

Sara Hayden

My name is Sara Hayden, and I am a junior studying Informatics with minors in business and psychology. This semester I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be on the Teach IT team within Serve IT. With Teach IT, I teach students every week, at the Boys and Girls Club of Cresmont and Girls Inc.

Each week myself, along with my fellow Teach IT volunteers, create lesson plans to teach our 4th-6th graders. We try to make these plans interesting enough to keep everyone’s attention but also informative, as we want them to grasp and learn these basic computer skills. We have a lot of fun with various games, such as competing to build up our typing speed, as well as drawing storyboards on paint! They have learned everything from the basics of coding with Caesar Cipher to the fundamental parts of the computer. The kids have a great time learning, and it is very rewarding for me as a teacher to see them grow in their abilities! I am so grateful for this experience and can’t wait to see the outcomes of our teachings at the end of the semester!

Dahlia Aggarwal

Hi, my name is Dahlia Aggarwal and I am from Delhi, India. I am a junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in business and working towards incorporating an HCI cognate. This is my first semester at ServeIT and I am a part of a client facing team; Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington. My team and I are working together towards delivering a completely new and redesigned website for our client.

This semester, I have been assigned the role of an external designer and have been working with the design team to come up with various iterations of a functional, aesthetic, and effective website layout. I have been working with the Adobe Creative Suite; majorly Illustrator. Half of the semester has gone by, and I can confidently say that I have acquired a ton of valuable skills ranging from interpersonal skills to design skills. Once the website design is fixed, I will focus on improving my coding skills with WordPress (HTML/CSS). I am very excited to see the final result of our hard work and help Arts Alliance gain more traction within the local arts community here in Bloomington.