Sara Hayden

Hi, my name is Sara, and I am a senior on the External Relations team with Serve IT. This is my first
semester with this team, and so far, the work we have been very interesting and rewarding. On external
we work with maintaining most of the social media presence and the outside look of Serve IT to the
public. My big project this semester has been working on a newsletter that will be going out to the Serve
IT alums. This work has allowed me to learn more about Serve IT and the teams within it, along with
what goes on to maintain the clinic and how it has grown over the years. This role is very interesting as I
have been able to gain a lot of new skills in putting together a layout for a newsletter and learning how
to target for a specific audience. In addition to learning about what each team does from an outside
perspective, learning new insights about the clinic, and gaining new communicating and journalistic
skills. I can’t wait to finish this project and see how the rest of the semester turns out.

Emily Wattimena

Hi, my name is Emily and I am a Junior studying Informatics with minors in Psychology and Human-centered Computing. This is my first semester in Serve IT, working with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra. I feel that I’m learning much from the clinic; from the experiences I’ve gained working with technologies such as WordPress, JIRA and Adobe to being able to communicate ideas and work in a team to understand, solve problems and create a product that fits our clients’ needs (and hopefully have a meaningful impact for BSO). Serve IT has not only developed my knowledge and skills in web development, it has also pushed me into new work environments where one is given the freedom and responsibility to complete a task that one may not be as skilled on. Although it was something uncomfortable and at times frustrating, it has helped me become a more adapt, responsible member of the team. I’m looking forward to the many more lessons and experiences Serve IT has to offer!

Michael Jacobucci

This semester I joined Serve IT and was a member of the Teach IT team. I am currently
a junior in the School of Informatics and Computing, majoring in Informatics and I also have a
minor in Business. I joined Serve IT through a recommendation from a friend last spring and I
have loved my time as part of the organization.

The reason I chose Teach IT specifically was because I love working with children. My
senior year of high school I was a cadet teacher for a local elementary school and helped teach 3 rd
grade for two hours every day. While I have never had the ambition to be a teacher, I have fallen
in love with helping others learn and making a difference in the community. Due to my great
experience as a cadet teacher I chose to go a similar route with Teach IT and focus on educating
4 th -6 th graders this year about technology.

I did all of my volunteer hours at the Lincoln Street Boys and Girls Club and consistently
found myself looking forward to Tuesday afternoons. The children at the school were always a
fun time to work with and it was an exciting experience to teach them about technology.
Throughout my time here at IU, Informatics has really opened my eyes to the importance of
technology in today’s world. I am glad that Serve IT gave me the chance to help pass on some
of the information I have learned regarding technology to younger children so that they can
benefit from it in the future while using it safely and correctly. I was able to show the children at
the club many different aspects of technology, ranging from coding and algorithms to internet
safety. I would definitely recommend the clinic to fellow classmates, I have made many friends
and learned a lot throughout this semester.

Qi Qi

Hello, my name is Qi Qi and I am one of the Teach IT Team Leads. The past summer I was an intern in
Design and Maintenance team under Serve IT, and I had better understand of WordPress and Adobe
software. This semester, I am in charge of getting in contact with clients and set up lessons and event
based on their needs. We had computer classes at Crawford Homes Apartments to teach residents who
are not familiar with computers, and a successful recruitment event at the Academy of Science and
Entrepreneurship Center. During the recruitment event, we collaborate with Tech team and offered Lego
Mindstorms, 3D Printing, Computer Hardware, Basic Coding Video Games, and Arduino stations for
children to explore their interested in the technology filed. I am having great experiences through different
services and I am excited to see how much of great impact we will make by giving back to the community.

Edrwin Revolorio

Hi, my name is Edrwin Revolorio and this will be my third semester with Serve IT. I am a senior
studying Informatics with minors in Business, Cybersecurity, and Spanish. This is my second
semester working with the City of Bloomington as our client, and being presented with the
team lead position, our team has been hard at work constructing an interactive mobile/web
self-guided tour application called Touri. The project has given our team the opportunity to
learn and grow through real-world challenges and issues that everyday client-facing teams are
dealing with. It has really allowed us to deepen our knowledge on the technical concepts
learned throughout our courses while developing our soft skills through team meetings, client
meetings, and work sessions.
The mobile/web application will allow users including residents and visitors get an
insider look into some of Bloomington’s famous historic locations. Although, using new
technologies such as MapBox has been challenging, it will bring the team great satisfaction
once the project is launched. The most rewarding part of Serve IT has been the ability to
connect all the dots from my courses and thinking outside the box to solve real-world problems
while giving back to the community. I have also been able to broaden my view on the different
types of career roles available in the IT industry.

Michael Weston

This semester I’ve been working with a number of organizations through Teach IT and it’s been a GREAT experience all around. Shalom Community Center, Monroe public library, and Crawford apartments are just a few of the places I’ve gotten to work with. I’ve learned a lot helping both the young and the elderly to better use technology. I look forward to finishing off the semester teaching and continuing to help the groups that Teach IT gets to work with!

Pranita Sarangabany

I am an Information Systems major in the Kelley School of Business minoring in informatics and history. I
hope to work in tech consulting after graduation. As a former piano teacher, working with students in
TeachIT has been wonderful. Programming can get complex, but the kids ask questions that force me to
concisely explain my thoughts. My favorite moment of TeachIT happened during a volunteering session.
I was explaining how the computer starts counting with zero not one, but many kids argued that zero
comes after nine. Not understanding, I asked them to explain what they meant. They graciously pointed
out to me that the keyboard does in fact have the zero key after the nine key. It was a perfect example
of new perspectives bringing up concepts that I would not think of myself. TeachIT has connected me
with amazing organizations that are promoting sustainable learning. It has been fun working with
TeachIT, and I am looking forward to continuing with the organization next semester!

Jimmy Kacius

Hi! My name is Jimmy Kacius and I’m a Junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Telecommunications and a minor in Security Informatics. I’m going into the final weeks of my third semester in the Serve IT clinic, and I’m so proud to look back at all that I and everyone else on my team has accomplished. This semester, I’ve helped lead a team to create an automated scheduling system for the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s Special Education program. Once completed, this web app will allow teachers to instantly generate schedules for all of their special education students and their aids. My tasks have included designing and populating a MySQL database, using PHP and SQL to generate calendar views from said database, and using HTML and Bootstrap to create interactive data forms. Working on this project has been a challenge, but I’ve learned a lot!


I’m excited to return to the ServeIT clinic next semester!

Nina Dorenbos

Hi, I’m Nina Dorenbos and this is my second semester being a Serve IT intern. I am majoring in
Informatics with a minor in Security. Within Serve IT I am on the DevOps team which involves
managing the webhosting for other teams in the clinic. This semester some of the tasks I’ve
worked on include: setting up domains using DreamHost and creating team accounts on GitHub
for client facing teams. I have also worked on documentation involving the relationships between
DreamHost, WordPress, databases, and GitHub. Towards the end of the semester our team will
begin taking the newly created websites live which is something I look forward to along with
working in the clinic this coming spring!

Raven Hedden

My name is Raven Hedden, I am a senior at Indiana University, an informatics major and a
business minor. In May of 2018 I will be graduating and in June of 2018 I will begin my career in
Indianapolis as an Ascend Program Consultant for Appirio. I am passionate about applying technology to
make a positive impact on our world and this passion is largely what drove me to join IU Serve IT Non-
Profit Clinic. This semester is my fourth semester with Serve IT and I am very excited to be a team lead
for the first time.
My team and I are building the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s (MCCSC)
Special Education Department a scheduling application to expedite the daily process of class scheduling.
This application will impact dozens of special education teachers and classroom aids by reducing the
time they spend scheduling and increasing the time they spend working with their students. I am thrilled
to have to opportunity to help the Bloomington community around while simultaneously improving
myself as a leader and technology professional.