Nate Pellant

Hey! My name is Nate and I’m a sophomore here at IU studying Informatics with minors
in Mathematics and Business. This spring marks my third semester with the Serve IT clinic, an
internship-oriented clinic within SICE which aids local non-profits in their ventures. Through
this, students are able to gain experience in a work-like setting, help the local community
through volunteer hours and more, as well as gain class credit.
My time in the clinic has provided me the benefit of assessing what the workforce will be
like before being tried by fire. I’ve increased my punctuality, professionality, and technological
skills while at the same time getting to know really passionate and talented people – both within
the clinic as well as through the non-profits we help, for example My Sister’s Closet. This
semester I’m on the External Relations team. We handle the social media accounts for the clinic,
managing content to be posted, generating parts of that content, and other non-client facing
I enjoy my team members as they all have proven to be energetic and enthusiastic about
the work we do, and they’re good to hang out with outside of a school setting. I anticipate a
strong finish this semester, both within my team as well as for the clinic as a whole, and am
excited to see what future semesters hold in store, namely my team for next semester. In just a
couple more semesters I intend to pursue a team lead position to further expand my skillset and
broaden my management competency – time, people, tasks, etc. Thanks for stopping by, now go
check out what the other interns have to say!

Mallory Weber

Teach IT has been a very rewarding experience thus far. As a sophomore studying
Informatics, I was advised to apply to the program. I had volunteered for numerous nonprofit
organizations in the past. Though I may not have as much tech related experience as some of
my fellow interns, I thoroughly enjoy being able to share my knowledge with others.
I volunteer at the Ellettsville Boys and Girls Club this semester. My time is spent
teaching weekly lessons about various topics to a group of third through fifth graders. Working
with the kids brings me great joy because I am helping to show them valuable skills that may
influence them to pursue a future like mine.
I didn’t know about Informatics until I took an introductory class during my first
semester at Indiana University. I hope that my time at the Boys and Girls Club will give kids the
resources and desire to continue to learn about technology. I hope it will spark an interest just
like my introductory class did for me. It brightens my day to see young kids so passionate about
a topic so dear to my heart.

Dalton Gray

Hi, my name is Dalton Gray and I am a sophomore here at Indiana University. I am currently majoring in
Informatics with a cognate in Business and a minor in Small Business Management and
Entrepreneurship. This is my second semester within the ServeIT program, and I am happy to be working
on the Be Loved Transportation team. Our team is working with a client that helps transport clients to
their medical appointments, who otherwise wouldn’t have a way to them. Our team was tasked with
recreating the Be Loved Transportation website, to make it more friendly and usable. Within my team, I
fill the role of a designer, so throughout the semester thus far I have worked on the design aspects and
layout of our website. Most recently, I have worked on creating posters for our client, and began
focusing on usability testing as our website development nears an end. I look forward to completing this
project with Be Loved Transportation and working within the ServeIT program for many more semesters
to come.

Jimmy Kacius

Hi! My name is Jimmy Kacius and I’m a Junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Telecommunications and a minor in Security Informatics. This is my fourth semester in the Serve IT clinic, and my second semester as a Capstone student. As the projects I’ve worked on come together in these final weeks, I’m so proud to look back at all that I and everyone else on my team has accomplished. This semester, I’ve continued development on an automated scheduling system for the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s Special Education program, in addition to developing a new online application system for Serve IT clients. My tasks have included designing and populating a MySQL database, using PHP and SQL to generate calendar views from said database, and using HTML and Bootstrap to create interactive data forms. Working on these projects has been a challenge, but I’ve learned a lot!

Chris Lin

My name is Chris and I am a junior who majors in Computer Science. I have experience
programming in Java, Python, JavaScript and R. This is the first semester that I have been with
Serve IT. Throughout the semester, I worked on multiple Serve IT projects such as MCCSC
website and Serve IT Application website page. I learned a lot more skills that I did not know
before while working on the projects. I gained knowledge of PHP, SQL and HTML. I am excited
for the remaining semester with Serve IT and see what challenges it is going to bring to me in
the future.

Maya Baker

Hello! My name is Maya Baker, and I am a sophomore studying Informatics with a Human-
Centered Computing cognate. I am an intern on the Design and User Testing team. I joined
Serve IT this semester because I wanted experience working on a team to complete a project as
well as more design experience. My experience with Serve IT so far has been very productive as
it has helped me improve my collaboration and communication skills. Team work has been an
important part of the work I have done on the Design and User Testing team, and I am excited
to continue learning from that experience. Currently, I am working on designing an Adobe
InDesign training session with another member of the team. Thinking through how to explain
functions in InDesign has definitely helped me improve my own understanding of the interface.
I am looking forward to seeing how my skills continue to improve in the second half of the

Eric Miller

Teach IT has been a very fun and valuable learning experience for me.
I was first drawn to become a Teach IT Intern because of my experience as an Undergrad
Instructor for the Introduction to Informatics class here at IU. As an Undergrad Instructor, I
realized that I enjoyed helping other people learn, and I figured this experience would put me in
a good place to succeed at Teach IT.
When I first signed up to be a Teach IT Intern for Serve IT I was not sure what to expect, but it
has been better than I ever imagined. One of the most fun experiences I have had during my
time as a Teach IT Intern was when we volunteered at the Academy of Science and
Entrepreneurship Recruiting Event. At this event we put together 5 different stations for potential
ASE students to discover their love for Science and Technology. The stations included things
like getting to use the HTC Vive VR goggles, 3D printing, Lego Mindstorms, and learning how to
program. I signed up for the 3D printing station, and at this station we taught students how to 3D
model objects on the computer and how to use the website TinkerCAD to create these models. I
was amazed at how quickly these students were able to learn how to use the program to create
models of their own 3D objects.
What I enjoyed the most about my experience at this event was getting to witness kids discover
their love for technology. It felt good to potentially have an impact on young kids lives, and to
show them the fun parts of Science and Technology. This was one of the most fun and
unforgettable experiences I have had at Teach IT. I would encourage anyone interested in
technology to become a Teach IT Intern at some point in their time here, it truly is a one of a
kind experience.

Emily Neuendorf

I’m Emily Neuendorf, one of the members of ServeIT’s Training Team! This is my first semester in this program and I am finishing up my second year of studying Informatics here at IU. I have been having a blast, teaching fellow interns about how to use programming languages such as SQL, PHP, and Javascript. After holding these training sessions, it’s amazing to see what the other teams are able to use these learned skills to accomplish.

Ugochukwu Orizu

Hi there, my name is Ugochukwu Orizu and I am currently a Junior Studying
Informatics with a cognate in Business and a minor in Security. This is my Third
semester with Serve IT and I’m an intern with the DevOps team. This semester I
will be working on software range from development to web hosting platforms
such as Dreamhost, Drupal and GitHub. I’m currently researching on Drupal and
how we could successfully create/migrate their WordPress site to a faster and
more effective web content-management framework(Drupal) . I hope to gain a
lot of experience from this internship and to continue as an intern with Serve IT
next semester.

Connie Michalopoulos

Hi, I’m Connie Michalopoulos and I’m a senior at IU with an Informatics major, a cognate in
Business and minors in Business, Marketing and Spanish. I’m from a suburb of Chicago called
Palatine. This is my fourth semester as an intern in Serve IT and I’m very excited to be a Team
Lead on a team creating a website for Be Loved Transportation, Inc. The website that Be Loved
had was a little outdated so I’m very excited to work with my team to share ideas, develop and
design a functioning website for the city. In the past, I have been a team lead for Rhino’s Youth
Center, designer on the City of Bloomington team and a business analyst on the Boys and Girls
Club Ladies Auxiliary teams. I’m excited to be leading my team in fulfilling a working website for
Be Loved Transportaiton.