Sarah Burns

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Burns and I’m currently a sophomore at IU majoring in
Informatics with a minor in business. This is my second semester being an intern in the ServeIT
clinic, and it is easily my favorite thing about the School of Informatics, Computing, and
Engineering. This semester I was placed on the Monroe County Community School Corporation
(MCCSC) team. My primary role on this team is as a designer. This entails working initially with
programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create designs for our program as well as
working on the development of the front-end programming necessary for our project. ServeIT
has taught me many technical skills as well as interpersonal skills through working on a team as
well as closely with our client. I would not trade my experiences in ServeIT for anything, I’m
getting to know so many different students at IU and creating so many new friendships along
the way!

Gamaliel Garcia

My name is Gamaliel Garcia and I am a Junior in the School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Business and minors in Human Centered Computing and Sociology. This is my second semester in ServeIT and my first client-facing project. I am working with the City of Bloomington to develop a virtual tour app, tentatively named Touri, that will allow residents, students, and tourists to explore the city in an interactive way. A GPS-enabled iOS and Android mobile app along with an accompanying website will be developed and released by the end of the semester. Users will be able to play trivia, true/false, and learn facts about each stop on any of the over 10 tours currently available — with more to come in the future! My duties so far have involved working with WordPress in an iterative way to create a simple, yet effective website that accomplishes its objective of connecting Bloomington to a global community. I am excited to further develop the skills of design thinking and working using an Agile methodology in hopes of becoming a Digital Technology Consultant.

Allissia Baublet

My name is Allissia Baublet and I am a Junior studying Informatics with a cognate in
Computer Science and minors in Computer Science as well as Human Centered Computing. This
is my first semester working for ServeIT and it has taught me some valuable lessons. My team is
striving to provide the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra with a modern website that expresses
their ideals and their mission. As of now, the team is focused on filling out the site with valuable
and impactful information that will provide customers and site visitors with insight into the BSO
culture. Offering my services to ServeIT and, by extension, to BSO has been one of the best
decisions I have ever made and I hope to do BSO proud by giving them a beautiful website.

Zachary Watson

My name is Zachary Watson, a junior studying informatics with minors in marketing and finance. I am from Carmel, IN and have enjoyed technology since I was young.  I was excited to be accepted into TeachIT  program because I am learning more about my passion and also working with younger kids. The main part of my service takes place at the Elletsville boys and girls club where I am teaching teenagers about computer science and coding. I am excited to see the kids grow throughout the course of this semester.

Connie Michalopoulos

Hi, I’m Connie Michalopoulos and I’m a senior at IU with an Informatics major, a cognate in
Business and minors in Business, Marketing and Spanish. I’m from a suburb of Chicago called
Palatine. This is my third semester as an intern in Serve IT and I’m very excited to be a Team
Lead on a team creating a website for the Rhino’s Youth Center. The website that Rhino’s had
was a little outdated so I’m very excited to work with my team to share ideas, develop and
design a functioning website for the city. In the past, I have been a designer on the City of
Bloomington team and a business analyst on the Boys and Girls Club Ladies Auxiliary teams. I’m
excited to be leading my team in fulfilling a working website for the Rhino’s Youth Center.

Chris Aniello

Hello, my name is Chris Aniello and I am a sophomore first year student from Manhattan Beach, California. I am majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management and I got involved in ServeIT this fall as a TeachIT intern. I work once a week at the Ellettsville Boys and Girls Club which is an afterschool program where kids are given meaningful activities to do while they wait for the parents to pick them up. I particularly teach the teen age group but I enjoy working with kids of all age groups! It is amazing to see how into technology these kids are and there is always something new that they want to share with you. Be it memes, games, or stories, no two days are exactly alike teaching at the boys and girls club.

Skyler Booth

My name is Skyler Booth. Currently, I am a senior here at Indiana
University Bloomington studying informatics with a cognate in security
and minoring in human-centered computing. I am from Howe, Indiana.
This is my second semester working with Serve IT and I am the Team
Lead for the Training Team. The Training Team is hard at work this
semester! We have been working to bring the the clinic interns up to
speed on various technologies, which helps Serve IT better serve our
clients. So far we have held multiple training sessions on the basics
of WordPress, creating a child theme in WordPress, how to used GitHub,
and the work methodology of Agile and how they are related to our work
management software, JIRA. Currently, we have been researching best
practices for connecting WordPress with the version control system,
GitHub.. Our primary goal for this training session is to teach our
clinic to use version control with WordPress since WordPress doesn’t
have version control in their software. Looking ahead, we will be
wrapping up the second half of the semester holding training sessions
for new interns, as well as user-oriented design. We also plan to
develop new training material for future sessions.

Joshua Uduehi

Hi! My name is Joshua Uduehi and I am an intern for the Tech Support team in Serve IT. Being
my second semester in this internship, I intend to continue my involvement in the clinic next
semester. As an intern, I am responsible for execution of tasks assigned by my team leads,
attending team-specific and all-intern meetings, and much more!
So far this semester, the team has met with Crawford Apartments and other miscellaneous
tasks. In the near future, we plan to collaborate with another Serve iT group to lead sessions
that instruct those with little technology exposure to the basics of computing, through the use of
One of the highlights of the Tech Support team is diversity of tasks. Each semester we may
have similar or the same clients, but the best part is the vast array of specific projects or duties
associated with what the client or Serve IT clinic needs. A major part of our job is
troubleshooting, which can involve intense research and/or consultation with others with more
experience in software/hardware. Overall, I enjoy being part of the Tech Support Team.

Thomas LeVine

Hello, my name is Thomas LeVine. I am a senior majoring in Informatics with minors in Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Human-Centered Computing. As a second semester intern with the Serve-IT clinic, I am currently the lead of the Maintenance team. As the Maintenance team, our goal is to make sure the previous Serve IT clients receive the support that they need for the sites and applications we have built for them. Currently, we are working with the Auxiliary of the Boys and Girls Club, Middle Way House, My Sisters closet, Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District, as well as Interfaith Winter shelter. I am excited to work with our many clients and develop skills in new areas!

Caley Rainford

My name is Caley Rainford and I am currently a senior at Indiana University majoring in
Informatics with minors in Human-Centered Computing and Psychology. This will be my
second semester working with Teach IT and volunteering for the Monroe County Public Library
“Tech Days”. Working at the library is my favorite volunteer option, I even have some regulars
that still come in from last semester. I usually spend the time helping people learn how to use
their smartphones or laptops. Everyone I have helped is super impressed with “Tech Days” and
really appreciate getting the one-on- one help with their technology devices. Having Teach IT on
my resume has helped me tremendously when it comes to interviews, all the employers I have
talked to are very interested in hearing what it’s all about. I’m very glad I joined the Serve IT
program last semester and will definitely continue to be in the program until I graduate!