Michael Weston

This semester I’ve been working with a number of organizations through Teach IT and it’s been a GREAT experience all around. Shalom Community Center, Monroe public library, and Crawford apartments are just a few of the places I’ve gotten to work with. I’ve learned a lot helping both the young and the elderly to better use technology. I look forward to finishing off the semester teaching and continuing to help the groups that Teach IT gets to work with!

Pranita Sarangabany

I am an Information Systems major in the Kelley School of Business minoring in informatics and history. I
hope to work in tech consulting after graduation. As a former piano teacher, working with students in
TeachIT has been wonderful. Programming can get complex, but the kids ask questions that force me to
concisely explain my thoughts. My favorite moment of TeachIT happened during a volunteering session.
I was explaining how the computer starts counting with zero not one, but many kids argued that zero
comes after nine. Not understanding, I asked them to explain what they meant. They graciously pointed
out to me that the keyboard does in fact have the zero key after the nine key. It was a perfect example
of new perspectives bringing up concepts that I would not think of myself. TeachIT has connected me
with amazing organizations that are promoting sustainable learning. It has been fun working with
TeachIT, and I am looking forward to continuing with the organization next semester!

Jimmy Kacius

Hi! My name is Jimmy Kacius and I’m a Junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Telecommunications and a minor in Security Informatics. I’m going into the final weeks of my third semester in the Serve IT clinic, and I’m so proud to look back at all that I and everyone else on my team has accomplished. This semester, I’ve helped lead a team to create an automated scheduling system for the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s Special Education program. Once completed, this web app will allow teachers to instantly generate schedules for all of their special education students and their aids. My tasks have included designing and populating a MySQL database, using PHP and SQL to generate calendar views from said database, and using HTML and Bootstrap to create interactive data forms. Working on this project has been a challenge, but I’ve learned a lot!


I’m excited to return to the ServeIT clinic next semester!

Nina Dorenbos

Hi, I’m Nina Dorenbos and this is my second semester being a Serve IT intern. I am majoring in
Informatics with a minor in Security. Within Serve IT I am on the DevOps team which involves
managing the webhosting for other teams in the clinic. This semester some of the tasks I’ve
worked on include: setting up domains using DreamHost and creating team accounts on GitHub
for client facing teams. I have also worked on documentation involving the relationships between
DreamHost, WordPress, databases, and GitHub. Towards the end of the semester our team will
begin taking the newly created websites live which is something I look forward to along with
working in the clinic this coming spring!

Raven Hedden

My name is Raven Hedden, I am a senior at Indiana University, an informatics major and a
business minor. In May of 2018 I will be graduating and in June of 2018 I will begin my career in
Indianapolis as an Ascend Program Consultant for Appirio. I am passionate about applying technology to
make a positive impact on our world and this passion is largely what drove me to join IU Serve IT Non-
Profit Clinic. This semester is my fourth semester with Serve IT and I am very excited to be a team lead
for the first time.
My team and I are building the Monroe County Community School Corporation’s (MCCSC)
Special Education Department a scheduling application to expedite the daily process of class scheduling.
This application will impact dozens of special education teachers and classroom aids by reducing the
time they spend scheduling and increasing the time they spend working with their students. I am thrilled
to have to opportunity to help the Bloomington community around while simultaneously improving
myself as a leader and technology professional.

Deepthi Devireddy

My name is Deepthi Devireddy and I am a junior majoring in Informatics. It is my first
semester working in the clinic and it has been a great experience so far! I was placed on a
client facing team, and we are working with Bloomington Symphony Orchestra to help
them re-design their website. As the semester began, it was quite a bit of a learning curve
to adapt to this internship, but as the weeks go by, I feel increasingly confident in my
contributions and my role on the team. I’ve created content for the site, found functional
and appropriate plug-ins, and sifted through masses of media to shortlist images for the
site. I’ve also researched about Agile, WordPress and JIRA through this process. Our
team also volunteered to help BSO set up for a concert, which was really remarkable to
see how they operate as an organization. I think it is great how flexible and relevant the
work we do is. We are helping people fulfill their IT needs while also learning amazing
and useful skills in the process. We also get to interact with locals and explore different
perspectives, which makes me feel like more of a Bloomington citizen. I really enjoy
working with my team, and I am excited to see how our final product turns out! This
experience has taught me so much just in a few months, and it only makes me eager to
keep learning more!

Spencer Dibley

My name is Spencer Dibley and this is my first semester with Serve IT. Within Serve IT I am a part of the Teach IT team. With the other interns I have worked with both adults at the Shalom Center and kids of all ages at after-school clubs. I am from Elkhart Indiana, have nine siblings, and enjoy playing basketball and running. I am currently pursuing a BS in Informatics with a minor in Business with hopes of becoming a Business Analyst. My experience with Serve IT so far has been nothing but positive and I’ve enjoyed teaching others the possibilities of technology and how it can improve their lives.

Joshua Smith

Hi, my name is Joshua Smith and I’m in the middle of my first semester here at Serve-IT. The
reason I joined is because I want to pursue a career in web design and I wanted some solid work
experience to put on my resume and portfolio. Thankfully I landed a position as the lead designer
working on Rhino’s Youth Center’s new website! At this time, the design work is nearly complete and
the development of the site can begin in full force! For the last couple months, I’ve gotten to meet
directly with the Rhino’s staff at weekly design meetings to show them what I’ve designed for them and
get their feedback! It’s been an extremely rewarding experience getting to work with them so closely.
I’ve really gotten to know them and what they do at Rhino’s, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m super glad
I’ve gotten to play a major role in helping them achieve their goals as an organization. Oh, and since this
is the Halloween post, I figured I might as well mention that we all carved pumpkins as a group one day
and someone tried to make a working computer out of a pumpkin. It was a veritable Frankenstein’s
monster! I’ve met some cool people and gotten a TON of real-world experience through working here
and I can’t wait to finish this semester out strong and come back for more next semester!

Connor Miller

Hey my name is Connor Miller, I’m a junior majoring in Informatics minoring in cyber security and a cognate in Health Systems Administration. This is my first semester with Serve IT, I’m on the Teach IT team currently working with a resident at the Bloomington Housing Authority. It’s very rewarding getting to teach someone else some of the things I know, and see them be able to use them in their everyday life to make things a little easier. It’s been a great experience so far gaining a lot of teamwork skills, and learning how to teach someone else about what I’ve been taught. It’s a great thing to point to on my resume and I think it’ll be very beneficial for me in my career and life after I graduate.

Nate Pellant

Hey, how are you? You’re probably wondering who I am.
My name is Nate and I’m studying Informatics with minors in Mathematics and Business
as a sophomore here at IUB. As a freshman, I was introduced to a great opportunity to serve in
an internship-oriented clinic within SICE (then SoIC) to assist local non-profits in their
technological needs, which in turn gives interns job experience before they even have a degree!
Fortunately I was accepted into this program, Serve IT, last semester and haven’t been able to get
enough since.
In just a semester and a half of being an intern in Serve IT, I’ve developed my workplace
and business acumen, professionality, and technological skills and knowledge. This semester
I’m a part of the Design and User Testing team which entails acting as an external designer for a
client team (a team that works with the aforementioned non-profit businesses), providing design
input in the forms of physical design productions and design critique. In being a part of the
Design team, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to develop skills in a field to which I was
essentially ignorant before this semester (that of web design aesthetics and design as a whole).
Needless to say, I’m thrilled at what I’ve been able to accomplish and discover thus far
both this semester and in totality in the clinic, and eagerly look forward to what the future holds
in store for me – no doubt exciting and valuable experience. Thanks for stopping by!