Adam Hughes

Hello! My name is Adam Hughes and I am a senior studying Informatics with a cognate in
Sociology and minor in Human-Centered Computing. This is my fifth semester in the ServeIT
Clinic, so I guess you could say I’m quite the veteran! This semester, I am the team lead for the
Bloomington Symphony Orchestra where we are designing and developing a new WordPress
website. My team and I just finished the initial design of the website are anticipating feedback
and iterations from our client. We hope to make this website into a modern, branded experience
for the Orchestra and its guests. We want to create something that makes the community want to
get involved with the Orchestra, whether it be through playing an instrument, going to concerts
and events, or by participating in one of their many outreach programs. I am excited to use my
experience in website development and user experience to create the best website I can for our

Brooke Foulk

This semester is my first as the Teach IT Team Lead, and it is my fourth with Serve IT. I have only done one semester my entire college career without Serve IT, and it was quite the empty semester! Teach IT sure keeps me busy, whether I’m volunteering with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bloomington or with the Monroe County Public Library Tech Days. Being in Teach IT has taught me a lot about spreading the word about technology, especially at young ages. Kids need to be introduced to the wonderful world of tech early and Teach IT is a great resource for this. We have a great new team this semester, a lot of new faces, and everyone is very eager to learn. I’m excited to see what the semester has in store!

Tim Pratt

Hello! My Name is Tim Pratt and I am one of the Team Leads for the Tech Support Team in Serve IT. I
have been with the organization for a full year now and plan to continue for the rest of the academic
year until I graduate this May. As a team lead I am in charge of getting in contact with clients to arrange
meetings and helping those clients figure out what is going on when they have a tech question. Once we
have an idea of what clients need us to work on, we assign each intern to a task.
So far this semester, we have met with Crawford Apartments and helped with a few odds and ends with
regards to the network that they have set up. We are also planning a collaborative event with another
group to teach people who are not familiar with computers how to use Chromebooks.
One of the things I really like about working with the Tech support team is that it requires good
problem-solving skills on a wide variety of topics. When something stops working anything could be a
point of failure, whether it is the network, a certain part of a computer, or the software that it is
running. Tech support needs to have knowledge in all of those areas. We often have to consult the
internet for answers because technology today is too complex for any one person to know everything.

Kunaal Shah

My name is Kunaal Shah, I am a junior in Informatics, pursuing cognates in Security and Computer Science. This is my second semester in ServeIT where I am currently a member of the Training team. This semester we have been working on creating and presenting Github knowledge base article to teach other ServeIT members how to and why to use version control systems for their respective projects.
With quick and thorough research and input from my fellow team members, this knowledge base article is now almost complete and will be sent out to all ServeIT members shortly. I am looking forward to receiving feedback on this as improvements can always be made to better inform everybody.

Victoria Milhoan

This is my second blog post, only about a week after my first. Either this week or next week I will be finished with this internship. To finish off my internship I will be working on the Sycamore Land Trust website. They were an old client that now would like some fixes to be made. So I will be working on that along with my original project, SIDHDIS, and finishing up anything there that I can do since we will not be able to finish the project before I am finished with the internship. Overall I am glad I decided to join Serve IT this summer because I got to learn about JIRA, WordPress, and got to work with a great team!

Daniel Olsson

My name is Daniel Olsson and I am currently the team lead for the Teach IT team and the Tech Support team. A little background on me is that I joined Serve IT last summer and will have completed seven credits with the clinic by the end of this summer. This summer, my job has consisted of coordinating multiple projects with seven different clients. My team has coordinated weekly Teach IT lessons with all three locations of the Boys & Girls Club and the Girls Inc. We have completed tech support for the same clients listed above and have also refurbished seven computers for multiple non-profits that include Stepping Stones, Monroe County History Museum, and for the Ellettsville B&G Club. This summer I have learned a lot about leadership and organization.

Victoria Milhoan

Hi my name is Tori Milhoan and this is my first time working with Serve IT. I have been working with the Development Team this summer, and we have been working with SIDHDIS, which is a flower society. We have been building a website for the society using WordPress, which I had never used before May. A lot of my first part of this summer session was spent doing small tasks to improve the SIDHDIS website and familiarizing myself with all that WordPress can do. We are nearing the end of the project, but have not been able to meet with the client to go over some last minute things so we are sort of at a stopping point until we can have that meeting. For now I will be helping out with past clients and any fixes that they need until we can finish with the SIDHDIS website.

Caci Helton-Beyers

Hi my name is Caci Helton- Beyers, and this is my first semester in ServeIT. I transferred to IU last fall as a senior in Computer Science. Though I have recently switched my major to informatics. I am part of the TeachIT and tech support team. They each have their own aspects that I like to do, and I have learned a lot so far from each of the two parts. I have a background that touches with tech support, networking, and graphic design, therefore I was able to adapt easily within this group.

In the teach portion of the group this summer I am in charge of teaching the girls with Girls Inc. about technology. It has been an interesting experience so far we still have about 5 weeks left. The girls seem to really enjoy the different technology features I have introduced to them and really taken to technology well. I introduced a few coding games and they each seem to really like to be creative and design their own games with coding messages. This has been a great experience for me and I am really enjoying it, because I get to learn new things from the girls’ point of views.

Then working on the tech support side I have learned a lot of new things that I did not know before doing this program. I have taken some basic classes, mainly a couple dealing with networking, but overall I am still pretty new to a lot of the things we have done as a group. I have a better understanding of what needs to be done in order to refurbish a computer, and make a network run more smoothly, since we have been working on a lot of the computers at the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Overall I have enjoyed this experience and look forward to continuing with ServeIT. I hope to learn other parts of the program and I really enjoy getting the hands on experience. I think that it is really exciting to get the chance to work with computers and help people at the same time.

Henrik Oetinger

It has been great to see our project progress so well over the past month. As a group we learned a large quantity of new skills and abilities and are now working toward the final steps in the project. Being able to keep a solid and consistent relationship with the client as the project progresses motivates me to work my hardest for the best possible product. I am currently involved with the creation of the many forms that will be a staple to the sites production. It also has been really fun to get to know the other members of Serve IT and spend time outside of work with them. The social gatherings have been a hit so far. Very pleased with working for Serve IT so far this summer.

Joao Luiz Magalhaes

Hello, my name is Joao Luiz and I am from Cambui, a small town in the southern state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. I am here at Indiana University, as an exchange student of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, which send graduate and undergraduate students, around the world, to study abroad. This summer session at Serve IT I have learned a new tool on web development, Django. Django is a framework that use python as its language. The project at PALS give me the chance to learn how to use Django and how create projects using this framework and how integrate different technologies as MySQL and JavaScript. Right now we are working on the forms that register all data on the database, we have some connection issues, however, by the end of the week this probably will be fixed.