Omar White

Hey, I am Omar White, the team lead for the Maintenance team at the Serve IT clinic. My team is a bit different than the client facing teams in the clinic. We don’t work on a single project start to finish with a single client, instead we spend our time on existing projects that have been completed by previous client facing teams. Our primary goal is to make sure pervious Serve IT clients receive the support that need for the sites and applications we have built for them.

This semester we have been dealing with a considerable back log of projects from pervious semesters. This has added to our responsibilities this semester, as we had to work on finishing up 4 projects, all while maintaining one of our clients live sites. So far we have already deployed one of the projects from our back log and are close to finishing the other three. This has been a very labor intensive semester from me and my interns. As a team lead I have learned how to properly multitask on projects and how to allocate resources to make sure things have gotten done. At the beginning of this school year I wouldn’t have imagined I would be capable of leading a team that has accomplished as much as my team has. I think, without a doubt, that this semester will serve as valuable experience well after graduation and throughout my career.