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Kevin Webster

Arts Alliance Team Lead
semesters in the Serve IT clinic and still loving every minute of it. 3 clients later Kevin Webster is the team lead for the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington and is looking to bring together a concerted team effort in surpassing our client’s goals. A little bit about me I will be traveling 2 times this semester, first to Denver area to make my own long weekend skiing the beautiful rockies. Over spring break I will be leaving the country to Ecuador to white water raft, survive the rainforests, and possibly learn to surf… no promises on doing the last well.

If there were 1 thing I could say about my experience in Serve IT it is that it’s a defining experience at Indiana University and that is coming from someone who has had such a good time here he is staying a fifth year for graduate school in Kelley’s MSIS program. Serve IT is filled with passionate individuals who have chosen to extend their impact beyond campus and change the lives of those they work with and leave their mark on the Bloomington community. If you want to get exposed to current technologies, client and internal facing processes, and become a part of an invested group of individuals Serve IT is something for you!

Lizzie Smith

Arts Alliance Intern
Hi all!  My name is Lizzie Smith and I am a third year Informatics student with a cognate in Policy Studies and a minor in Security.  I will be graduating this May and next Fall I will be doing the Masters in Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program here at IU.  I am from Northwestern Indiana and enjoy being at the beach in the summers.  Growing up I swam and golfed, but now at IU I ride for Little 500 on my sorority’s team (AOII).

This is my 4th semester with the clinic.  Last semester I was on the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Ladies Auxiliary team, and last year I was on the External Relations team in both the fall and spring semesters.  This semester I am on the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington team and we will be spending this semester doing a website redesign as well as creating a database.  I am looking forward to see what my last semester in Serve IT will hold for me!

Subaru Ueno

Arts Alliance Intern
I am Subaru Ueno, a sophomore majoring in Informatics. I come from Tokyo, Japan and chose this school for its undergraduate Informatics program. My hobby outside work is playing tennis, and so you can find me in the tennis courts. My motto is to grasp every opportunity and to optimize them. Although I am still a sophomore, I strive for excellence in my own work and hope to become worker at a giant tech company one day.

Andre Quan

Arts Alliance Intern
Hello! My name is Andre Quan and I am a Junior in Informatics with a concentration in cyber security with a minor in Human Centered Design. I am working towards my undergraduate degree and hopefully will land a job once I graduate.  This is my second semester with Serve IT and enjoying every moment of it. My interests are a bit different because each of them are very different from the other. Like I love ballroom dancing and videos games. They are different but I love each of them all the same.

Hunter Bobeck

Arts Alliance Intern
Hi, my name is Hunter Bobeck. I’m a sophomore Computer Science B.S. going for a minor in Game Design. I decided to join ServeIT because of my experience and interest in making websites. Arts Alliance seemed like a strong fit because of my hobby making (digital) art. I’m looking forward to helping out the local art community!

Dahlia Aggarwal

Arts Alliance Intern
Hi, my name is Dahlia Aggarwal! This is my first semester interning at the Serve IT Clinic and I am thrilled at the prospect of working on a client-facing team! I am majoring in Informatics with a cognate in business and minors in entrepreneurship and marketing. I aspire to pursue a dual cognate in HCI as well. I hope that my experience at the clinic, rebranding and redesigning the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington’s website, will give me clarity about my cognates. Apart from the internship, I aim to learn Illustrator and InDesign this semester.

In my free time, I enjoy reading about fashion and art, and I love sketching. My ultimate dream is to become a professional in the fashion or the arts industry.

Patrick Schmidt

Arts Alliance Intern
Hello, my name is Patrick Schmidt and I am a second semester junior at Indiana University. I am majoring in Informatics with a cognate/minor in security. This is my 1st semester with Serve IT and I am looking forward to working with my group in order to provide help to a business in need.