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City of Bloomington

City of Bloomington

 Nadia Zunarelli

City of Bloomington Team Lead
Hi there!! I’m Nadia, a senior studying Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing and Italian. I’m from Indianapolis, IN – a proud Hoosier, born and raised. I’m excited to be spending my last semester at IU and with Serve IT as the team lead for the City of Bloomington website redesign.

This is my fourth semester interning for Serve IT. I developed a background in design during my first semester, and have been working on client teams since then. I’ve had the opportunity to work for and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County, and Agon, a nonprofit swimming organization.

I’m excited to work alongside such a talented group of students, not only in my team but all across Serve IT. Being part of this organization has motivated me to develop my skills beyond the requirements for my major, and allowed me to meet many inspirational individuals along the way. I look forward to see what we can all accomplish together this Spring!


Jordan Mazerolle

City of Bloomington Intern
Hey!! My name is Jordan Mazerolle and my hometown is in Fishers, Indiana, just thirty minutes north of Indianapolis. I am currently a Senior pursuing a degree in Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing. I am also obtaining minors in psychology and intelligence studies. Outside of school I often times try to take various adventures to nearby parks or points of interest but on occasion I will venture out a bit farther. Anything that has to do with the outdoors including, but not limited to, skiing, hiking, biking and running is always a favorite of mine. However, on the tail end of things, I’d like to consider myself a gamer.

With Serve IT, I came looking for real-world, hands-on experience so that I may culture my skills in design and facilitate my understanding of its principles, particularly when it comes to interaction design. Working on teams to assess a problem and its users, develop a solution and implement that solution will be the aspects that comprise my future career. Helping to lead a team in order to redesign a city’s website is something I am looking forward to very much so and will assist in fostering my future success in the field. This semester is my fourth time being with Serve IT and I am thrilled to be working on the City of Bloomington website redesign project. Cheers!

Connie Michalopoulos

City of Bloomington Intern
Hi! My name is Connie Michalopoulos and I’m a third year Informatics student with a cognate in Business and minors in Spanish and Marketing. I am involved in Serve IT, Union Board, and Women Empowering Success in Technology (WESiT) at IU. When I’m not doing schoolwork or at club meetings, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, drinking coffee and watching Netflix.

I joined Serve IT because I wanted to help organizations around Bloomington become more tech-savvy. Through this experience, I have gained, and hope to continue to gain real-world experience and use the skills I have learned in the classroom to improve my team.


Alexander Hayes

City of Bloomington Intern
I grew up and attended school in Plainfield, Indiana, where some of my fondest memories included participation in marching band, show choir, and my school’s “We the People” program.  When I began college I wanted to study Computer Science and Political Science to satisfy my fascination with security and the American legal system.  Though I soon realized that such a degree combination would be difficult to pull of, curiosity about both subjects has guided many of my choices through college.  I’m currently pursuing a B.S. Computer Science with a specialization in Intelligent Systems and a minor in Security.  Prior to this a great deal of my focus has been on research: my introduction began in a research seminar with Professor Apu Kapadia, followed by the inaugural year of the ProHealth REU site.  During this time I worked under Professor Sriraam Natarajan’s STARAI Lab on a machine learning model for drug interactions, and this continues into the present.  This marks my second semester working with Serve-IT, and I’m excited to reopen my passion for local government by working with the City of Bloomington on redesigning their website.

Sid Chawla

City of Bloomington Intern
Sid is a Junior studying Informatics with a concentration in Human-Centered Computing here at IU. He is also minoring in Marketing & Business Analytics through the Kelley School Of Business.

Cycling through eight schools across the globe and living in India for six years till his sophomore year high school he ended up in Washington D.C where his family currently lives. This is his first semester in Serve IT and is excited to bring his design skills, creative strategy and digital marketing skills to solve real world problems.

Other than Serve IT, Sid is on the Executive Board as Executive Of Media & Technology for the Indian Student Association and is an active member on the Indiana University Funding Board where he allocates $500,000+ to students/organizations across IU.


Ahjin Kim

City of Bloomington Intern
Hello. I’m Ahjin, a junior majoring Informatics with a cognate in Business, and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. I am from South Korea and this is my first semester to be in the ServeIT clinic. I am very excited and looking forward this semester to be a part of the ServeIT clinic. I am in the City of Bloomington team and our task is to redesign a website. I am also excited to work many different students and staffs from the SOIC. I hope to learn a lot from ServeIT this semester and develop my skills beyond the course requirements.

Edrwin Revolorio

City of Bloomington Intern
Hey! My name is Edrwin Revolorio and I’m a junior studying Informatics with my cognate being in Business as well as minors in Spanish and Cybersecurity. I’m from small town Washington located in southern Indiana. In my free time, you can find me playing soccer at the fields in Woodlawn or at the SRSC, or simply working out. I like to stay active and I really enjoy the outdoors.

This is my second semester being in Serve IT and did one semester in Teach IT last year and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Not only does Serve IT create an environment that allows one to grow their technical skills, but it also helps develop the soft skills students need. I joined Serve IT to get hands-on experience and to apply the things that I am learning throughout my courses. This semester I am excited to be working on a great team redesigning the website for the city of Bloomington!


Daniel Roemer

City of Bloomington Intern
Hello my name is Daniel Roemer and I am currently a junior at Indiana University. I am majoring in informatics with a cognate in business. My hometown is Naperville, Illinois a town just west of the city of Chicago. I have two older brothers who are currently working in downtown Chicago. Outside of my studies I enjoy playing basketball and being outside. When it comes to technology, I have a little experience in creating websites and am currently taking programming classes in Python. This will be my first semester in the Service IT program, and I am really looking forward to working with the City of Bloomington group.