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City of Bloomington

City of Bloomington

Edrwin Revolorio

City of Bloomington Team Lead
Hi, my name is Edrwin Revolorio. I am a senior in the SICE majoring in Informatics with minors in Spanish, Business, and Cybersecurity. This will be my fourth semester with Serve IT and I am the team lead continuing the Touri Project with the City of Bloomington. The project is a guided tour application where users will be able to take tours on historical landmarks around Bloomington. This semester we will be working on furthering the development from the previous semesters.

In my free time I like to spend time with friends and family and staying active. You can find me playing pickup futsal or working out at the SRSC. I also enjoy reading, biking, and going to the IU basketball games. Serve IT has helped me develop my soft skills and strengthen my leadership skills. Following graduation I plan on working for a consulting firm in the Midwest.

Ahjin Kim

City of Bloomington Intern
Hello. I’m Ahjin, a senior majoring Informatics with a cognate in Business, and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. I am from South Korea and this is my second semester to be in the ServeIT clinic. I am very excited and looking forward this semester be a Co-Team Lead for the team. I am in the City of Bloomington team and our task is to continue with designing Touri and to do the coding/developing part too. I am also excited to work with many different students and staffs from the SOIC. I hope to learn a lot from ServeIT this semester and develop my skills beyond the course requirements.

Felicia Susanto

City of Bloomington Intern
Hi, my name is Felicia Susanto, a junior majoring in media advertising.

By joining Serve IT, I hope that I can gain hands on and learning experience that will help me with my major and my career goals.

I love dessert, movie, and Frank Ocean.

Kunaal Shah

City of Bloomington Intern
Hi, my name is Kunaal Shah. This semester I am on the City of Bloomington team for Serve IT, where we are developing the Touri Web Application, which allows users to pick and choose popular tours to see the sights of Bloomington. Prior to this team, I have been on the RHINOS Youth Center, Training, and CJAM teams. I am a senior in the Informatics BS and pursuing a minor in computer science. In regards to tech-related subjects, I am interested in application development, web search and SEO, and Artificial Intelligence and working with databases. Outside of of school and learning, I love watching movies, trivia, bowling,  and playing tennis and golf. Something interesting about me is that I have a metal right clavicle (sorta).

Michael Weston

City of Bloomington Intern
Hello! My name is Michael Weston, I am a Junior Informatics student working with the City of Bloomington for this semester of Serve IT. This is my second semester with Serve IT after previously working with the Teach IT team last Fall. I’m very excited to help work towards the development of this City of Bloomington project and deploy it at the end of this school year!

Nkem O’Gonuwe

City of Bloomington Intern
Hi, my name is Nkem O’Gonuwe. I am a freshman at Indiana University, studying Computer Science. This is my first semester with Serve IT, and I am interning with the Touri Project with the City of Bloomington to develop a tour application, so that users may easily learn the history of Bloomington.

I my free time, I like to write and draw. I am usually hanging around my dorm with friends. Though I am new to Serve IT, I am excited to learn and meet new people.


Xander Tatum

City of Bloomington Intern
My name is Alexander Tatum (Xander for short), and I am from Oakland, California. I am a Senior in SICE, and I am studying Informatics with a Computer Science Cognate. This is my second semester in ServeIT and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning to do new things alongside them. Aside from the ServeIT clinic, I am also working as a RA in Briscoe Dormitories, and am cooperating with Briscoe Student Government. If I was asked what I was looking forward to learning in the ServeIT clinic, it would be easier to say what I am not looking forward to, as the things that I am looking forward to are too numerous to list. For me though, I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone on my team, and getting a working product out, having been able to build that product from start to finish.