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Community Justice and Mediation Center Team

Community Justice and Mediation Center


 Ashley Hammel

CJAM Team Lead
My name is Ashley Hammel and I am a Senior at IU from the Chicagoland area. I am an Informatics major with a cognate in the Business and minors in Security and Economics. Outside of school, I love to do yoga, read, cook, and travel. Last semester I studied abroad in London and traveled throughout Europe for 4 months!

This is my fourth semester in Serve IT and I can honestly say that joining Serve IT has been one of the best decisions I made since coming to IU. This organization has provided me with real world experiences that not only prepared me for my first summer internship, but has allowed me to expand my knowledge and skills in ways I would not have been able to in class. During my first semester in Serve IT I was on the Design team and helped design the CONA website. My second semester in Serve IT was spent as a designer on the Batchelor Middle School team, and I also assisted with the SIDHDIS website before the summer interns completed the project. Last fall I interned on the Development and Maintenance team, which was a big shift from my past semesters in Serve IT. Being on a new team expanded my skill set and allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone.

This semester, I am very excited to be the Team Lead for the Community Justice and Mediation Center team! I cannot wait to see the new website that my team and I are able to create!


Adam Hughes

CJAM Intern
My name is Adam Hughes, and I am a junior here at Indiana University. My major is informatics with minors in sociology and human-centered computing. This is my third semester at ServeIT and I am excited to be back! ServeIT has brought me a lot of real-world experience in building websites and, more importantly, helping out the community. This semester I am working with the Community Justice and Mediation Center to build a new website. I am excited to see what this semester brings me!

Cylie Miller

CJAM Intern
My name is Cylie Miller and I am from Georgetown, Indiana.  I am a Senior in Informatics with a Computer Science cognate and Outdoor Parks, Recreation and Human Ecology minor.  I am also a captain of the IU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee club team, where we travel to and compete at several tournaments across different states during the school year.  My love for travel and the outdoors has led me to some amazing places, such as backpacking in the Grand Canyon, studying abroad in Australia, and bungee jumping in New Zealand.

This is my second semester in Serve IT.  I am a member of the Community Justice and Mediation Center (CJAM) team.  I enjoy Web Development and Design as well as Data Visualization.  This semester I am excited to learn more as well as put my prior knowledge towards a good cause.  I am most looking forward to getting real world experience in talking to clients, creating a sustainable and usable website, and getting to know my team members.  


Drake Davenport

CJAM Intern
Hi, my name is Drake Davenport and I am from Evansville, IN.  I am a Junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Security and minor in Computer Science.  In my free time I enjoy playing basketball, reading, swimming, and hanging out with my family and friends.

This is my third semester with Serve IT.  I have thoroughly enjoyed Serve IT every semester I have been a part of it and I am very excited to continue.  This semester I am on the Community and Justice Meditation Center team.  Previous semesters I was a part of the Development: Maintenance team and Tech Support team.  I am excited to gain even more real world experiences within Serve IT this semester!


Kevin Webster

CJAM Capstone Student
My name is Kevin Webster and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I am a Senior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in business and a minor in small business management and entrepreneurship.

In my free time over the summer I love to play beach volleyball after work and am lucky to be able to continue playing volleyball here at Indiana as a part of the men’s club team as well as a practice player for the women’s varsity team. This will be my third semester in the Serve IT clinic and look forward to working with the Community Justice and Mediation team. Serve IT really drew me because of the nature and quality of the work we provide and the challenge it creates for all its interns here on campus.

I will be spending my 5th year pursuing my Master’s in Information Systems (MSIS) from the Kelley School of Business.


Raven Hedden

CJAM Intern
My name is Raven Hedden and this 2016-2017 year is my Junior year of college. I am an Informatics student going for a Business minor and I am pursuing a career in technology consulting. I am a peer tutor for The Computer in Business (K201), a member of the Informatics Computing & Consulting Association and a wrestling coach for Bloomington South High School. In my free time I enjoy lifting, running, wrestling, hiking, kayaking and reading.

This is only my second semester with Serve IT so I am still very eager to gain more experience from it. Last semester I was on the Internal Development and Maintenance team where I presented WordPress tutorials to other teams around Serve IT. Additionally I taught members The Council of Neighborhood Associations (CONA) how to create and maintain their own professional WordPress websites. This semester I look forward to widening my technical skill set, improving my business skills and working with The Community Justice and Mediation Center.

Kunaal Shah

CJAM Intern
My name is Kunaal Shah, and I am from Newburgh, Indiana. I am junior in Informatics and am pursuing a cognate/minor in Computer Science. This is my first semester at ServeIT. I am excited for my first semester at ServeIT because for the first time, I can use skills learned through schooling for a real-world application.

Aside, from school and work, I enjoy playing sports such as tennis and golf. This semester, I am also on an intramural ultimate frisbee and soccer team. I also love watching movies.