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Design & User Testing

Design & User Testing

 Naomi Lacy

Design & User Testing Team Lead
Hello, my name is Naomi Lacy and I am a senior studying Informatics with a minor in Human Centered Computing. My hobbies include genealogy research, traveling, reading, and writing. I am also a music enthusiast, with some of my favorite artists being the Bleachers, Porter Robinson, and Imagine Dragons. This is my second semester working with Serve IT and I am excited to be working as a Team Lead for the Design and User Testing Team! I’m looking forward to leading the Design and User Testing team to help all clients implement a great design their users and organization.

Jayden Kenny

Design & User Testing Intern
Hi! I’m Jayden. This is my first time with ServeIT and I’m thrilled to see what all it involves!

I’m a junior at Indiana University majoring in Informatics with a specialization in Cognitive Science and minor in Human-Centered Computing. I’ve got pretty involved schedule as a member of the Independent Council women’s group a volunteer and social organization; an Introduction to Informatics Lead Undergraduate Instructor; and, volunteer intern for the Women in Game Design team for CeWiT. Suffice to say, if you’re curious about how to get involved I’m your girl!

In my free time I can be found at my apartment enjoying the company of my kitten, Majin Buu, whilst listening to my favorite songs by Kaleo. Hungry? I’m more than happy to eat with you or cook for you. If ever you are bored, I’m always looking for an adventure. Some of my favorite pastimes are exploring the area, hanging out on Kirkwood and sketching or writing out some miscellaneous thoughts.

Marisa Anderson

Design & User Testing Intern
My name is Marisa Anderson, and I am a junior here at IU. I am originally from the small town of Danville, Indiana. I plan on majoring in Informatics, with a cognate and minor in Human-Centered Computing. This is my second semester in Serve IT. I am excited to learn more as well as take the skills I acquired last semester and apply them this semester.



Megan Shea

Design & User Testing Intern
My name is Megan Shea and I am from a small town called New Palestine, Indiana. I am a current senior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in business and a minor in human-centered computing. I am not big on programming, but I like design and have hopes of going into consulting. I started college as a pre-med student, so I am still transitioning a bit into the world of technology.


Blake Kinkade

Design & User Testing Intern
My name is Blake Kinkade, and I’m a junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing. This is my first semester as an intern in the clinic and I will be a member of the Design and User Testing Team. During the semester, my primary goal is to learn about and interact with clients as much as possible in order to fulfill and exceed their desires. In this, I will be applying techniques and methods of the design process that will assist in understanding the needs and wants of the clients. I’m looking forward to what ServeIT has in store for me!

Nate Pellant

Design & User Testing Intern
Hey there! My name’s Nate Pellant and I’m a sophomore here at IUB studying for a BS in Informatics with a Business Cognate and a major in Mathematics with a Computer Science minor.  This is my second semester in the clinic, and I was pleasantly surprised with a team change which I both suspect and hope will diversify my skillset and understanding of the role technology plays in the modern world.

In my free time, my passion is mowing, but I also enjoy partaking in discourse over a litany of subjects, and learning about almost anything.  Being a part of Serve IT last semester, among other things, taught me how to work as a part of a team, developing different projects, and maintaining them.  I’m excited for the role I’m preparing to play as a part of the Design and User Testing Team as it will give me a different insight into the realm of tech!

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