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Development and Maintenance

Development and Maintenance

Omar White

Maintenance Team Lead
My name is Omar White, I’m a senior here in the School of Informatics and Computing. This is my second semester with Serve IT and my first time serving as a team lead. I’m with the Dev & Maintenance team, whose primary goal is to support finished projects as well as occasionally wrap up projects left over from previous semester. I’m very excited about what we can hopefully get done this semester.

In my spare time I enjoy to code a little on my own. I’ve been working recently to improve my python skills as well as start learning more javascript. I’m starting to get interest in data science and visualization as well so occasionally i’ll mess around with projects in that realm. When I’m completely away from my computer I typically like to enjoy some good music or the company of my friends.


Kibeom (Alex) Hong

Maintenance Intern

Hi, my name is Alex KB Hong.

I am a senior in the School of Informatics and Computing. This is my third semester in Serve IT. I am currently the co-lead for the project with the client PALS Therapy. This is a great environment where we get to tackle technical tools and languages that we have not had chance to experience with the basic computing courses. While the tasks may be challenging, we are striving to reach our final goal towards the end of semester.

While in the SOIC department, I highly value the design and art of things. I love to paint, draw, and share design perspectives with others. These interests led me to create an individualized cognate “Data Science & Human Computer Interactions Design” which I am having great fun studying. I like to connect with others and help as much on the extra time given, I believe that our core values are at helping others. I enjoy playing soccer, you can find me at SRSC on weekdays.

Sol Won

Maintenance Intern
Hi! I’m Sol (Peter), Won currently a senior majoring in Informatics with a minor in music and business. I’m from South Korea. I love playing sports (Ice skating, basketball, table tennis, badminton…etc). Also, I can play several musical instruments such as clarinet, drum, saxophone, and piano. This is my third semester working for Serve IT. Alongside Serve IT, I am the president of AICC (Asian Informatics and Computing Community) and founder of KTEC (Korean Technology Exploration Club). Reach me out if you have any questions or needs!

Marty Ramanauskas

Maintenance Intern
I am a junior currently pursuing an Informatics major with a double minor in business and marketing. I was born in Lithuania and moved to West Lafayette when I was very young. Additionally, I am passionate about technology so being involved with ServeIT is a very exciting experience for me because it allow for me to not only apply and show my passion to others, but help them as well.

Cody Banister

Maintenance Intern
My name is Cody Banister, and I’m a junior Computer Science student from Marion, Indiana. I’m working with the awesome folks in the maintenance team, helping to revitalize legacy projects and assisting as needed on current ones. This will be my first semester with the ServeIT clinic, and I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to work alongside so many talented people in our goal of helping the local Bloomington community!

When not working with ServeIT, I’m also an undergrad teaching assistant in CSCI-A290 courses, and an undergraduate research apprentice through UROC@SoIC. In my free time, I enjoy gaming, developing games, working on mobile applications, reading, writing, and generally expanding my skills through extra study.


Christopher East

Maintenance Intern
Hey! My name is Christopher and I’m technically a Junior at IU. However; this is my first year at IU in Computer Science. This is also my first semester in Serve IT. I discovered my strong passion for programming a little over a year ago, and have completely fallen in love with it. I joined Serve IT because it seemed like the perfect blend of real world experience and meaningful work. I look forward to developing skills that I wouldn’t traditional be asked to tackle in the classroom setting.

In my spare time, I enjoy coding android applications and developing my technical skills. Also, I have a very active lifestyle with my fiancé and puppy!


Brian Emmons

Maintenance Intern
Hello, my name is Brian Emmons and I am a Freshman pursuing a degree in Informatics. I am also getting a minor in Business. I was born and raised in Bloomington so Indiana University is very familiar to me. My senior year of highschool I got to intern at the Serve-IT clinic where I got to learn some HTML and observe the different functions of the clinic. This is my first semester actually participating in Serve-It and I am very excited to see what will come out of it.

Cody Gill

Maintenance Intern

My name is Cody Gill and I am an Informatics major with a minor in entrepreneurship. I am originally from Brownsburg, Indiana. I joined ServeIT because of my love for technology. I also wanted to gain some “real world” experience in the technology field. This experience will also help to implement what I learned in a classroom setting which I feel is vital.

Adam Hughes

Maintenance Intern
My name is Adam Hughes and I am from Palos Heights, Illinois, just southwest of Chicago. I am a junior studying informatics with an individualized cognate in Sociology and minor in Human-Centered Computing.

In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching soccer with my buddies. At a certain point while playing or watching on the weekends, I don’t know if I should say friends or bitter rivals! I also enjoy web development and I am currently working on a website for all of us to enhance the way we enjoy soccer. Within SoIC, I am also the director of career development for ICSA, the Informatics and Computing Student Association.

This is my fourth semester with ServeIT, so I guess you could say I am a veteran for my age! I will be working with development and maintenance; a little different from my previous client teams. I am excited to see what the semester brings!


Ben Simpson

Maintenance Intern
My name is Ben Simpson, and this is my first semester in ServeIT.  I am currently a sophomore in the School of Informatics and Computing.  My cognate is business, and I am pursuing minors in Business as well as Marketing.  I wanted to join ServeIT so that I could get my hands on some real-world experience.

Most of my experience is with Python, but I also have a degree of knowledge in Java, HTML, JavaScript and Visual Basic.  I am also very interested in all forms of business, particularly marketing, and try to keep a healthy balance of Informatics and Business.  Outside of schoolwork, I like to spend my time in the company of friends.  I play acoustic guitar and love all styles of music.


Nate Pellant

Maintenance Intern
Salutations!  My name is Nate Pellant and I’m a freshman here at IUB studying for a BS in Computer Science as well as a BS in Mathematics.  I am ecstatic to have been chosen to be a part of the Serve IT clinic, and have no doubt that over my time here we will achieve great things together!

I enjoy mowing lawns, getting involved in discourse over a litany of subjects, and learning about almost anything.  Though currently limited in experience, I believe Serve IT will be the perfect facet for me to develop my programming knowledge and skill, as well as implement what I have learned in the classroom for the betterment of the world. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions:

Have a great day!