Indiana University

Development: Internal/Training


Andrew Ray

Training Team Lead
Hi all,

This is my second semester in ServeIT at Indiana University.  I am currently the Team Lead for the Training team. I really enjoy coding and creating personal projects in my free time.  I am hoping that this semester will sharpen my skills in all of the tools that the clinic utilized to meet client needs. I cannot wait to see how the web design turns out for this project.


Andrew Ray


Alex Theohares

Training Intern
Hello, my name is Alex Theohares! I am currently a sophomore here at Indiana University, and I am from Pendleton, Indiana. I am studying Informatics with a cognate in Business. This is my third semester with the ServeIT clinic, and my second as a member of the training team. I am excited to be a part of this group and I hope that we prove to be a valuable resource in the clinic. In my free time I enjoy being outside, doing things with friends and family, and traveling.


Daniel Wogan

Training Intern
My name is Daniel Wogan, I am a Junior from Fort Wayne Indiana Majoring in Informatics with a Business Cognate and Computer Science Minor. This is my first semester with Serve IT, and I joined because the opportunity to help my community and my peers through the Training Team. I hope to learn how to better teach technological concepts to people who need it and increase my breadth of knowledge in a variety of Software that are commonly used in workplaces of all types. My Hobbies are playing Warhammer 40K, Playing Video Games, and Reading. Aside from Serve IT, I am a Brother and Vice President of the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity.

Emily Neuendorf

Training Intern
My name is Emily Neuendorf and I am a Sophomore at Indiana University. I’m studying Informatics with a focus in Public Health, studying both Spanish and more recently Arabic. Currently I work for University IT Services and am excited to be working with Serve IT to help not only IU students but also the greater Bloomington community.

Griffin Tempel

Training Intern
I am a sophomore from Santa Claus, Indiana, majoring in Informatics with a Computer Science cognate.  This is my first semester in ServeIT, and I applied because it’s a great opportunity to build social skills, teamwork, and technical expertise, all of which can be applied to real world job opportunities. I’m really looking forward to this coming semester with the Training team, and I hope the skills I learn will help me advance further in life.

Jaeho Park

Training Intern
Hi, I’m Jaeho Park, a Junior in School of Informatics. My minor is Business, and I’m a technology chair in Phi Chi Theta, business fraternity. This is my first semester joining SERVE IT, and the reason I joined is that I wanted help non-profit organization, and at the same time I’ve also wanted to make myself more familiar with various technology softwares. I wish to learn as many as possible softwares that I don’t learn in school throughout the internship.

Joshua Uduehi

Training Intern
Hello! My name is Joshua Uduehi. I am a junior studying Informatics with a Security cognate and Criminal Justice minor at Indiana University-Bloomington. This spring will be my third semester in Serve IT. This term, I am a member of the Training team in the Serve IT clinic. As a member of the Training team, what I hope accomplish is greater understanding of the functionality of various programming languages and general software, such as JIRA, GitHub, WordPress, PHP, and so on. Ultimately, I aspire to implement the knowledge I gain from research of these topics into effective training sessions for other Serve IT clinic interns.

Maryam Adeniyi

Training Intern
My name is Maryam Adeniyi and I am a freshman from Dallas, Texas pursuing majors in economic consulting and entrepreneurship in the Kelley School of Business. This is my first semester in ServeIT and I really look forward to expanding my technical expertise, meeting new people, and helping others. I applied to ServeIT because I am curious about technology and I saw this clinic as an opportunity to learn more while also being able to make real life change. I love how I get to offer a unique perspective to my team as well as challenge myself to learn new software and technical tools.