Indiana University

Development: Maintenance Team

Development: Maintenance Team


 Omar White

Development: Maintenance Team Lead
My name is Omar White, I’m a senior here in the School of Informatics and Computing. This is my second semester with Serve IT and my first time serving as a team lead. I’m with the Dev & Maintenance team, whose primary goal is to support finished projects as well as occasionally wrap up projects left over from previous semester. I’m very excited about what we can hopefully get done this semester.

In my spare time I enjoy to code a little on my own. I’ve been working recently to improve my python skills as well as start learning more javascript. I’m starting to get interest in data science and visualization as well so occasionally i’ll mess around with projects in that realm. When I’m completely away from my computer I typically like to enjoy some good music or the company of my friends.


Kibeom Alex Hong

Development: Maintenance Intern
Hi, my name is Kibeom Alex Hong. I am from Seoul, South Korea, born in Sydney, Australia, and raised in Maryland. I am a senior majoring in Informatics with an individualized cognate in Data Science & Human Computer Interactions Design.

I love to travel, eat, and take pictures of beautiful sceneries. My two favorite shows are Daredevil and House of Cards series from Netflix. I strive to develop our community into a better place with inventions, data analytic skills, and art.


Jiawei Zhang

Development: Maintenance Intern
My name is Jiawei Zhang, I would prefer Kevin. Z, which is easier for most people to remember. I grow up in Shanghai China and this is my third year study in U.S. At this point, I finished most class that require for computer science to get a degree. Back then, I was thinking about take a business minor, but I decide to focus on computer science for the rest of my time in IU. This is the third time I work in Serve IT. With the chance provided by Serve IT. I learned many different knowledge that I did not have chance to know. In the future, I am more focus on both tech and communication with group.

Castine Brock

Castine Brock

Development: Maintenance Intern
My name is Castine Brock, I am a senior at the School of Informatics and Computing. My major is Informatics with a cognate in security and a minor in Elementary Education. This will be my fourth semester with Serve IT, but my first time on a Development/Maintenance team. My first semester I worked on a Teach IT Team, then in my second semester I was on a Serve IT Team working with the Global Gifts store. Over the summer, in my third semester with Serve IT, I was on the Tech Maintenance Team while also helping Teach IT with their lesson plans for Boys and Girls Club.

Lucas Biery

Development: Maintenance Intern
Hey! My name is Lucas Biery and I am a senior going for my Informatics degree with a cognate in Geography. This is my third semester as a Serve IT Intern. I’m very excited to continue to work with Serve IT!

In my freetime I love to play fantasy baseball, listen to classic rock and crappie fish. I am from Floyd County, Indiana.

I’m excited to gain valuable real world experience through this internship. I am also thrilled to be able to give back to the community. I can’t wait to start working with Django!


Marty Ramanauskas

Development: Maintenance Intern
I am a junior currently pursuing an Informatics major with a double minor in business and marketing. I was born in Lithuania and moved to West Lafayette when I was very young. Additionally, I am passionate about technology so being involved with ServeIT is a very exciting experience for me because it allow for me to not only apply and show my passion to others, but help them as well.

Vanessa Minik

Development: Maintenance Intern
My name is Vanessa Minik and I am a junior in the School of Informatics and Computing. My major is informatics with a cognate in telecommunications and a minor in human-centered computing. This is my third semester with Serve IT. The past two semesters I have worked with the Design and User Testing team and am excited to transition into the Development and Maintenance team! Over the summer I interned for Youtech Associates as a web developer and am ready to jump back into programing with Serve IT!

Sean Peters

Development: Maintenance Intern
Hello! My name is Sean Peters and I am a Senior at IU studying Informatics with minors in both Business and Computer Science. I’m an Indiana native growing up just north of Bloomington in Greenwood. In my spare time I enjoy playing all sorts of video games including World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games and enjoy maintaining several personal websites I’ve created.

This semester I’m a developer on the Dev and Maintenance team which is going to be fixing and maintaining several WordPress projects. This will be my sixth semester at Serve-IT and my fourth as a developer. I can’t wait to see what else Serve-IT has in store for me over this semester.



Viena Sharma

Development: Maintenance Intern
My name is Viena Sharma, and I am sophomore majoring in Computer Science.  My specialization currently is Intelligent Systems.  This is my first semester in Serve IT, and I do not have that much experience in my field.  I hope to learn new skills by being part of Serve IT, and then use those skills to help others.  I joined Serve IT to gain hands on experience working in a tech environment.