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External Relations

External Relations

Krishan Narsinghani

External Relations Team Lead
My name is Krishan Narsinghani, a senior studying Informatics (Cognate-Business) with minors in Business and Marketing. I grew up in Columbus, Indiana surrounded by tons of family where I learned how to handle a small business from a young age. My passion for Business and Informatics will hopefully lead me to a career in Project Management, Marketing for an IT firm, or Marketing in the music industry. I love to sing, write, and produce in my free time.

My first semester with ServeIT, I was on the Fund Development where I helped research different grants to apply to and drafted different proposals. Second semester on External Relations, I opened my eye for creative detail and enhanced my social media marketing skills. During my third semester on ServeIT, I worked as designer on the Justice Unlocked team. Along with ServeIT, I also help coordinate marketing tactics and brand a magazine based out of Los Angeles. I incorporate what I learn into ServeIT, and I hope to do that this semester as I lead the External Relations team. I am excited to work with my team this semester and build social media plans for different clients as well as increase our reach to IU students with ServeIT’s social media.

Aelia Hassan

External Relations Intern
Hi! My name is Aelia Hassan and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Informatics and Criminal Justice, while also pursuing a minor in Security Informatics. I’ve always had an interest in technology and its implementation into various fields, but never had any exposure until I took INFO-I 101 (Introduction to Informatics) last year. Matt Hottell came and spoke to us about Serve IT and I became fascinated with its mission and impact on the greater Bloomington community.  This is my second semester working with Serve IT, but first on the External Relations team. I’m excited to experience and learn about the fundamental aspects that go into the social media/communications side of organizations.

Amanda King

External Relations Intern
Hi my name is Amanda King! I’m a freshman at IU and my major is Informatics. I’m originally from Fishers, IN but spent most of my teen years in Boulder, CO. This is my first semester on Serve IT on the External Relations committee. As someone who is very passionate about the ways that social media can work to one’s advantage, Im looking forward to helping businesses in Bloomington or others utilize such a powerful marketing tool as social media. Since it is my first semester on the Serve IT team, I hope to see where else these opportunities take me in my career at IU and beyond.
Deepthi Devireddy

External Relations Intern

My name is Deepthi Devireddy and I am a junior studying informatics with a cognate in pre-health and a minor in biology. I am passionate about helping others, staying intellectually stimulated and embracing cultural diversity. I am the current captain of HoosierRaas, an intercollegiate indian dance team here at IU, and I am also a brother of Phi Chi Theta, a tight-knit business fraternity that practices philanthropy, professional development and brotherhood. I am excited to be part of the ServeIT clinic again this year to make a difference in the Bloomington community and help people spread awareness with External Relations. I hope to gain valuable experiences and grow as a professional while also being able to serve others!

Hunter Durkin

External Relations Intern
My name is Hunter Durkin and I’m from Haworth, New Jersey. I live about twenty minutes from New York City so I go there all the time. My plans for right now include getting a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management through SPEA. Along with that, I plan to minor in psychology.


I decided to do this internship because I took technology in public affairs last semester and actually ended up liking it. My professor emailed us about Serve I.T and I thought it sounded super cool so I figured I would try it out. I’m super excited to be on the external relations team because I am a huge social media fan. I’m constantly on Facebook and Instagram so it’s going to be very interesting looking at it from a more professional view.


Nate Pellant

External Relations Intern
Salutations!  The name’s Nate – Nate Pellant – and I’m a sophomore here at IUB pursuing a BS in Informatics with a Mathematics Cognate and Math and Business minors.  This is my third semester with the clinic now, once again on a new team. I’m ecstatic to get to know my team members more as well as learn skills associated with the ER team in addition to developing as an aspiring Informaticist!

When it’s warmer out, I absolutely love mowing, but aside from that I enjoy learning from others about everything under the sun, indulging in music, and generally enjoying the short yet thrilling ride we’re gifted with on this rock.  I’m hoping to work on some front end development and/or analytics this semester in order to diversify my portfolio.

Let me know if you have questions: – have a good one!

Umar Quereshi

External Relations Intern
Hello, My name is Umar Qureshi and I am a junior from Columbus, Indiana. Growing up only an hour away from Bloomington, IU has always felt like a second home to me. I am currently studying Informatics with a cognate in business and minors in business and marketing. Outside of Serve IT I am involved in SICE ambassadors ICSA as a director of Employee Relations.

This will be my third semester in the Serve IT clinic. I am excited to be on the external relations team this semester! I hope to give back to the community and expand the outreach of Serve IT

Zach Watson

External Relations Intern
My name is Zachary Watson,  I’m a junior studying informatics with a business cognate and minors in Finance and Marketing. I grew up in Carmel, Indiana as a only child with parents who each owned and operated there businesses.  I became fond of technology and business because of seeing how they operated and used it daily. Hopefully after college I can find a career in consulting or marketing.

My first semester with ServeIT, I was on the TeachIT team where I helped educate kids at a local Boys and Girls Club about computer science. This was a very fun experience as it allowed me to teach younger kids about my passions. I am excited to work with the external relations team this semester.