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Zachary Meier

Global Gifts Team Lead
Hi, my name is Zachary Meier I am the team lead for the Global Gifts team. This will be my fourth semester in the ServeIT Clinic. I am a senior studying Informatics with a minor in medical science. I enjoy doing active things for fun as well as learning about new technology and skills. I also absolutely love photography as well.This semester should be a lot of fun as my team and I help global gifts create a new gift registry. I really enjoy helping the nonprofit community with their technology needs. It feels good to give back to the community. It should be a great semester helping global gift create a registry for their clients to use.

 Brandon Feldmeier

Global Gifts Intern

Hi my name is Brandon Feldmeier. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana and grew up on the northeast side in Lawrence. I have a major in Informatics and a cognate in Business. My specialty is data-mining and data analysis. These areas are my specialty and allow me to view huge amounts of data and gather valuable information.As well it gives me the ability to grab large amounts of information quickly and easily from websites and databases.

My hobbies are cars, motorcycles, and video games. Cars and motorcycles usually take up most of my free time during the summer. Once it gets too cold to really enjoy my passion that is where gaming comes in. Along with this I have a huge board game collection that my roommates and I have collected over 5 years. If you have any questions about these feel free to ask me I’m always willing to talk about them.

I joined Serve IT because I wanted to learn new skills while adding to the community at large. Through Serve IT I have learned to use WordPress and have worked on the MCHC website and databases. I hope to make good use of my skills with data analysis and give Global Gifts a more functional database for their users.


 Castine Laine Brock

Global Gifts Intern
 Hello my name is Castine Brock. I am currently a junior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Internet Security and a  minor in Early Education Studies. I am from Bloomington Indiana, I love reading fiction and manga, whenever I am not finishing homework ,playing video games, or watching anime. This past summer I worked at Belltrace Health and Living Center here in town, I am still employed there, and I was able to help create a website for one of the classes being taught here at IU. A small goal I would like to achieve this semester is to get hired to work in the Collins dorm library.This is my first semester as an intern for the Serve IT clinic and although I am nervous I also can’t wait to start helping people in my hometown community. Using the skills that I currently have and am continuing to master, while also learning new one, so I will be better prepared to apply them to the real world after college.

 Hyon Kim

Global Gifts Intern
Hello! My name is Hyon Kim, but I usually go by Anna. I am a junior studying Informatics with a cognate in IT. I am also working on minors in German and Psychology. I enjoy learning about, teaching, and working with technology both in the classroom and outside it. This is why I work as an Undergraduate Instructor for the introductory course Info-I101, and I am excited to work with local nonprofits through ServeIT. I am from the Fishers/Indianapolis area, and in my free time I enjoy reading, learning languages, and meeting with friends.


 Jordan Mazerolle

Global Gifts Intern
Hey!! My name is Jordan Mazerolle and my hometown is in Fishers, Indiana, just thirty minutes north of Indianapolis. I am currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Informatics with a cognate in Human Centered Computing. I often enjoy going on adventures in my spare time to nearby parks or points of interest but on occasion I will venture out a bit farther. Anything that has to do with the outdoors, count me in, this includes but is not limited to skiing, hiking, biking and running. However, on the tail end of things, I do love a good video game for all those gamers out there.With Serve IT, I came looking for real-world, hands-on experience. Working on teams to assess a problem and its users, develop a solution and implement that solution will be the aspects that comprise my future career. I came to Serve IT to nurture these skills and to make an impact on my immediate community. This semester will be my very first being part of Serve IT and I am thrilled to be working with the Global Gifts team.

 Tristan Englert

Global Gifts Intern
Hello, my name is Tristan Englert. I am from Evansville, Indiana. I am a junior pursuing an Informatics major with a human centered computing cognate and minor as well as a business minor. My areas of focus are human centered computing / design, database design, and data analysis. After graduation I hope to work at a technology or software company in one of my three areas of focus. I am returning to Serve IT as a second semester intern. I am very excited to begin work with the Global Gifts team.


 Yangjun Liu

Global Gifts Intern

Hi! My name is Yangjun Liu, this is my fourth semester with the clinic! Wow time flies! My experience at ServeIT (including this semester) is two semesters in Development and Maintenance team, two semesters in client teams. I think it’s indeed a good mix of experience, which gave me a good understanding of serving non-profit, and wrote a great chapter of my life.

This semester I will be in the Global Gifts team, I’ve learned it’s going to be something new and challenging. I will definitely devote myself into my team and out project, to deliver an excellent result to our client.

In terms of myself, I’m a car enthusiast who really loves food and travel. (Some people call me a foodie but I love almost every kinds of food I’ve every tried). So if you are interested in the same thing as I do, feel free to come and talk all about it with me!


 Deven Hottell

Global Gifts Intern

 Hello, my name is Deven Hottell. I am from Bedford, Indiana. I originally began my collegiate journey at Marian University where I took part in the Byrum School of Business as well as engaged in the schools collegiate football program for 3 years. I then transferred to Indiana University where I plan to earn my Bachelors of Science in Public Affairs, majoring in management with a concentration in Information Systems. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, singing, engaging in various outdoor activities (backpacking, rock climbing, cycling, fishing, etc..), as well as taking part in new opportunities to engage my creative nature. This semester is my first interning with the Serve IT program and I look for to the opportunity to work and grow my professional IT skills with the Global Gift’s team.