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Justice Unlocked

Justice Unlocked

Sydney Arnold

Justice Unlocked Team Lead
Hey!  My name is Sydney Arnold, and I am a Senior here at Indiana University.  I was born and raised right here in Bloomington, Indiana and haven’t left since!  I am majoring in Informatics with a cognate in graphic design as well as working towards minors in human centered computing and dance.  In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, photography, and exercising.  Currently I am the Captain of the Ballroom Dance Club here at IU and spend majority of my time learning and competing in ballroom dance.  I joined ServeIT because I want to develop my informatics skills in real world settings and see how my influence can actually affect others.  This semester I am the team lead of my group, which is working with Justice Unlocked and I am really excited to see how we can build this nonprofit’s technology resources!  I look forward to working with them this semester!

Maro Rizkalla

Justice Unlocked Intern
My name is Maro Rizkalla and I am currently a senior at Indiana University Bloomington studying Informatics and minoring in Human Centered Information. For the Sprint , I will be part of the Serve IT Clinic in the Justice Unlocked Team as a Capstone intern. This will be my fourth semester being a part of the Serve IT Clinic and my second semester as a Capstone Intern.

I can not wait to get started working, showing my skills, and gaining the knowledge that is associated with the IT services.I believe that my adaptive personality and enthusiasm for learning will allow me to tackle unique, new challenges. As the semester progresses, I would like the gain the knowledge to progress in my future IT career. I hope to building connections to guide me to better opportunities for the future. And lastly, I hope to provide the best of my capabilities to ensure better services for our clients.

Anne Effron

Justice Unlocked Intern
Hi! My name is Anne Effron and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Informatics with a cognate in biology. This is my third semester working as an intern in SERVE IT. I’m excited to apply the skills I have so far gained in the clinic to assist my team in redesigning a website for Justice Unlocked.

Thomas LeVine

Justice Unlocked Intern
Hello, my name is Thomas LeVine. I am a junior studying Informatics with minors in computer science, cyber security, and human centered computing. After growing up in Tampa, Florida, I came to Indiana University not know anyone and never experiencing snow. With my degree in Informatics, I look forward to a job which allows me to interact with both people and technology. In my free time, I enjoy exploring nature, being active, and cooking.

This is my first semester with Serve IT. As a member of the Justice Unlocked team, I am extremely excited to help our client and gain new web development skills. Throughout this semester, I hope to gain valuable insight by working with a legal group and helping this business enhance their cyber infrastructure.


Jesica Courtney

Justice Unlocked Intern
 Hi! My name is Jesica Courtney, though I go by Jes. I am currently a junior at IU double majoring in Informatics and Theatre with a minor in human centered computing and a cognate in music. In my free time, I enjoy writing plays, reading, composing electronic music, and traveling. I also play the French horn, trumpet, and trombone. After graduation, I hope to go to graduate school to begin working towards a PhD in Music Informatics. This is fourth semester working with Serve IT. In the past, I have worked on the External Relations and Fund Development internal teams, and last semester, I worked to build a WordPress website for Agon, a local swimming organization. This semester, I am working for Justice Unlocked, and our team will be helping with their website, most likely by using WordPress. I hope to further develop my design skills this semester, especially with Illustrator, along with learning a little more about development.

Krishan Narsinghani

Justice Unlocked Intern
 My name is Krishan Narsinghani, a junior studying Informatics (Cognate-Business) with minors in Business and Marketing. I grew up in Columbus, Indiana surrounded by tons of family and learned how to handle a small business from a young age. My passion for Business and Informatics will hopefully lead me to a career in Project Management, Marketing for an IT firm, or Marketing in the music industry. I love to sing, write, and produce in my free time.

My first semester with ServeIT, I was on Fund Development where I helped research different grants to apply to and drafted different proposals. Second semester on External Relations, I enhanced my marketing skills and worked with different kinds of people. Along with ServeIT, I also help coordinate marketing tactics and brand a magazine based out of Los Angeles. I incorporated what I learned into ServeIT, and I hope to incorporate that design element into Justice Unlocked this semester. I am excited to work with my team this semester and work on an external team that successfully completes a project for our client.


Kurt Gutwein

Justice Unlocked Intern
My name is Kurt Gutwein, and I am a sophomore in the Kelley School of Business with a major in Economic Consulting and a minor in Computer Science. Looking towards the future, I am still undecided about what the right career path will be for me, but some of the options in consideration include law school, consulting, and going straight into corporate life. I am excited to have the chance to work with Justice Unlocked and see a side of the legal industry that is often left out of the spotlight.

This will be my first semester in ServeIT, and I am looking forward to helping out the Bloomington community by applying my love of technology to solve problems. Some of my special areas of interest in technology include consumer technology, cybersecurity and anonymity, and electric and autonomous vehicles.