Indiana University

Boys and Girls Club Ladies’ Auxiliary Team

Boys and Girls Club Ladies’ Auxiliary


 Lee Hiller

BGCLA Team Lead
Hello, my name is Lee Hiler. I am the team lead for the Boys and Girls Club Ladies Auxiliary. This is my senior year, I am an Informatics major with minors in business, financial literacy, and information systems. I am excited to start my senior year leading a team to help improve an amazing non-profit in Bloomington.

Lizzie Smith

BGCLA Capstone Student
Hi all!  My name is Lizzie Smith and I am a third year Informatics student with a cognate in Policy Studies and a minor in Security.  I am from Northwestern Indiana and enjoy being on the beach.  Growing up I swam and golfed, but now since being at IU I ride for Little 500 on my sorority’s team (AOII).

This will be my second year with the clinic.  Last year I was on the External Relations team in both the fall and spring semesters.  This semester I am on the Boys’ and Girls’ Club Ladies Auxiliary Team.  We will be spending this semester building their website and helping them with branding.


Emily Salamander

BGCLA Intern
Hello! My name is Emily Salamander, and I am a senior pursuing a B.S. in Informatics with a focus in Business. Complementing my Informatics degree, I have minors in Business, HCC, and Cybersecurity.

When I am not working on schoolwork, I enjoy hiking, eating, or kayaking. My favorite local place to go hiking is the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

This semester marks my third semester in ServeIT, and I am extremely excited to get started. I look forward to helping our client, as well as, working with my team.


Justin Keller

BGCLA Intern
I am a senior Informatics major with a cognate in Music and a minor in Computer Science. My hobbies include listening to many different styles of music and watching and playing various sports such as tennis, Frisbee, and baseball. I also play trumpet in the Marching Hundred.

Jacob Greene

BGCLA Intern
My name is Jacob Greene, but most people just call me Jake. I grew up in Westfield, Indiana which is just north of Indianapolis. I am a junior at IU planning to acquire a Studio Arts BFA with a focus in Graphic Design. I am also minoring in both marketing and informatics. If I’m not studying I can usually be found on my bike around campus training for the Little 500 this spring. School and cycling take up most of my time, but in my free time I enjoy playing video games.

I joined ServeIT because it sounded like great real world experience! I plan to work with technology in my future career so I felt this would be a perfect place to begin. I will be working on the team that is developing a website for the local, non-profit organization. This is my second year working for ServeIT and I am looking forward to the great learning experience it is going to be for me!


Tyler Mehay

BGCLA Intern


My name is Tyler Mehay, I’m a Junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. This is my first semester as an intern for ServeIT. This semester I am on the Boys and Girls Club Ladies’ Auxiliary and I am excited to gain real-world work experience as well as use the skills that I’ve obtained from previous internships to better my team.