Indiana University

South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities

South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities

Andrew Ray

SCIHO Intern
Hello all,

I am a fifth-year senior, double majoring in Informatics and Computer Science, with a
minor in Business. I recently completed an internship with Target Corp. in Minneapolis, where I worked
as a software engineer on the Supply Chain/Merch team. I am an experienced programmer and have a
wide-variety of skills across the board when it comes to computers. If you ever have questions
pertaining to Linux, Unix or Mac do not hesitate to shoot me an email, text or call. I began my college
career as a D1 baseball player at Northern Illinois University, but suffered a career ending injury, which
turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It is my first semester in ServeIT, but I plan on sharing my
knowledge with the team, while also learning from others. I think this will be a great opportunity to
network and gain experience in an organization offered by Indiana University.


Dalton Gray

SCIHO Intern
Hello, my name is Dalton Gray, and I am currently a sophomore at Indiana University
Bloomington. I am a second semester Informatics major with a business cognate and minor,
with hopes of adding another minor soon. I am on the South Central Indiana Housing
Opportunities (SCIHO) team, with the my roles consisting of design and support. I come from a
very small southern town located in southern Indiana, called Santa Claus. I am fairly new to the
world of Informatics, so while my skills may not be as polished, I am eagerly learning as much
as I can as I develop my skills. With this being my first semester in the ServeIT program, I am
excited to see what new challenges it brings and look forward to everything that I am able to
learn and build on from the experience.

Karina Abramowski

SCIHO Intern
Hi, I’m Karina Abramowski. I am a senior majoring in Informatics with a cognate in Human-Centered Computing and minor in Computer Science and this is my fourth semester with ServeIT. I am looking forward to working with South Central Indiana Housing Opportunities and continuing to work as a designer for ServeIT. This semester I hope to get a chance to explore some front-end development opportunities and further improve my skills with WordPress.

Lucas Rutherford

SCIHO Intern
Hi, my name is Lucas Rutherford, a sophomore here at Indiana University. I am studying
Informatics with a Business Cognate, and am pursuing minors in Computer Science as well as Media and
Creative Advertising. I am involved in Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity, which I joined in the
Spring on my freshman year. I am also an IU Cox Scholar and IU Peer Coach, where I help students with
advising and scheduling questions.This is my first semester with Serve IT, and after my summer internship assisting non-profits
with IT issues, I am excited to continue that great work with Serve IT I am on the South Central Indiana
Housing Opportunities team, and since this is my first year in the program, I will be a supporting
member of the team. I am looking forward to my first of many projects with this organization!