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Tech Support


Caci Helton-Beyers

Tech Support Team Lead
Hi, My Name Is Caci Helton-Beyers I am a senior with Indiana University, and this is my fifth semester with Serve-IT. I am from Indiana just south of Bloomington, and am proud to be a part of this community.

My major is in Informatics with cognate in Business and a minor in Security. I joined the Serve-IT group for the chance to get some hands on experience working with clients, and the chance to help non-profits better their businesses. The non-profit organizations we work with are helping people and the community, and to have a chance to help them reach their goals is very exciting and rewarding to me.

This semester is my last semester with Serve-IT since I will be graduating in December, my role with Serve-IT this semester is the Tech Support co-lead. This semester I will get the chance to not only work on leading the team but collaborating with another lead in order to achieve our goals. My favorite part of Tech Support is that we get to see how the changes we make really affect the client and how we can really help with their system. I am really excited to be with this team again this semester and see what all we can fix for our clients.


Adrian Hicks

Tech Support Intern
Hey, my name is Adrian Hicks! I’m a senior from Indianapolis studying in Informatics with a cognate in Security and a minor in Human-Centered Computing. This will be my eighth semester with the Serve IT clinic, which ought to mark me as the longest running active member of the clinic; I’ve previously worked with the Small Projects, Nonprofit Support, and am now a part of the Tech Support Team. I am a certified A+ Computer Service Technician which goes hand in hand with the day to day work of the Tech Support team. This time around, I’ll continue to provide my hardware and software expertise as I move into the Tech Support Team Lead role. Through the years, it’s been an awesome opportunity to provide Serve IT’s technological services for nonprofits around the Bloomington community, while retaining valuable experience and knowledge that I’d otherwise be without. Outside of Serve IT, and school in general, I really enjoy spending times with friends and family, and have been known to be quite the chef in the kitchen.

Blake Kazmierzak

Tech Support Intern
My name is Blake Kazmierzak, and I am a second year undergraduate at Indiana University. I currently intend to major in informatics and minor in business. This semester, fall 2016, will be my first semester working with Serve IT and the Tech Support team. I enjoy working on computers and troubleshooting. I hope that this semester I hope to develop skills related to repairing computers and improving the security of computers. I want to learn as much as I can about computers, and put my already existing hardware repair skills to work. I also look forward to working with my team to solve real-world problems and helping out local non-profit companies.

Daniel Steggeman

Tech Support Intern
My name is Daniel Steggeman. I am a junior in the school of informatics and my major is Informatics with a cognate in Health Systems Administration. I also am going for a minor in Spanish. My home away from home is Sackets Harbor, NY.  I enjoying playing soccer, basketball, and tennis as well as hanging out with friends and studying. The reason I joined serve IT is because I like helping others who are in need.

For Serve IT, I plan on expanding my knowledge with hardware and software maintenance and replacement. As a tech support team member I hope to take what I learn in my informatics classes and take that knowledge and implement it into the projects that myself and my team members.


Tim Pratt

Tech Support Intern

Heya! My Name is Tim Pratt, but most of my friends call me “Tuba Tim”. I originally came to IU to study Tuba Performance, but discovered that I had a much greater passion for IT. Now I’m a Senior in Informatics with a business minor. This fall will be my first (but hopefully not last) semester of Serve IT. Tech Support sounded like the right area for me because my family always asks me to help them with their phones and computers, so I’ve had plenty of practice breaking down tech problems into simpler terms. My hope is that the work that our Tech Support team does really helps local non-profits and isn’t just treated as “problems that need to be solved”.

Trent Thomas

Tech Support Intern
My name is Trent Thomas and I am from Carmel Indiana. I am a third year undergraduate student studying informatics with a security cognate. This is my first semester with the Serve-IT tech support team. I am excited to use this opportunity to build upon the technical skills I developed during my internship this summer, as well as work with non-profits.

Prashant Patel

Tech Support Intern
Hello! My name is Prashant Patel, and I am a Tech Support Intern for ServeIT. I hail from Acton, MA, 25 minutes outside of Boston, and I study Informatics with a Business Minor and Concentration. I love sports, especially all Boston teams (go Pats), reading autobiographies/biographies and books that make you think, and listening to all varieties of music. I’m currently the Treasurer of the Informatics and Computing Entrepreneurship club.