Indiana University

Current Clients

Fall 2016


The AGON team is diligently working on a new website to promote and support AGON’s mission to “facilitate human flourishing through the pursuit of athletic excellence”. The team will create a WordPress website that focuses on creating user-friendly interaction with professional atmosphere.

Boys and Girls Club Ladies’ Auxiliary

The team working with Boys and Girls Club Ladies’ Auxiliary is building a new website to drive awareness of their mission to help local families in need. The website will be created through WordPress and will highlight memberships, donation, and the great events this agency puts on.

Community Justice and Mediation Center (CJAM)

Building and updating a WordPress website, the CJAM team focuses on finding ways to promote their mission to help heal any harm caused from conflict and crime. As the team builds this project, they will be working to create an easy-to-navigate environment with a simplistic design.

Global Gifts

The Global Gifts team is helping their client create a gift registry for customers.  This application will allow customers to come in to the store and select items that others can come and purchase for them for an upcoming event (wedding, birthday, etc.) The team will be creating a web app using Django, and using an API to connect with the point of sale system at Global Gifts.

Interfaith Emergency Winter Shelter of Bloomington

This team is working to build an awesome, up-to-date appealing website. Using WordPress, the website will spotlight “Find[ing] shelter tonight” with a responsive, easy-to-navigate theme that gives clear information regarding the agency.

Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District (MCSWCD)

The MCSWCD team is building a website and database to keep track of farms and farmers who are providing conservation and connecting people to them. The team is creating a web application using Google Maps API to allow that connection to happen as easily as possible.