Taraneh Ekbia

This semester as a Serve IT External Relations intern, I’ve been excited about the many ways in which I can utilize the skills I’ve learned over the years. More specifically, I have had the pleasure of working more with the media side of our outreach by putting to use my experience behind the camera to promote our clinic and our work. Mostly, I have been in charge of the promotional video for the clinic as it is my main project for the semester. I have also gotten a chance to hold a free headshot event for the clinic and am in the process of sending out photos to those who came.  Besides these, I am hopeful that I can guide our newer interns as far as our outreach through the newsletter, social media accounts, and more. Overall, I look forward to the rest of the semester; we have a very dedicated team with the most forward-looking and motivated interns, making the experience that much more fulfilling.