Taylor Jones

This is my second semester with Serve IT and Teach IT. This semester has gone better for me because I’ve had more chances to volunteer with the community. I’ve worked with the large events at the Academy for Arts and Sciences, the Monroe County Public Library, and Providence Place. I have had the chance to try to apply some of the knowledge I picked up from last semester to assisting people with their technology problems. I’ve also benefited from the exposure to working with a more diverse age group opposed to last semester when I mainly worked with children at the Boys and Girls Club. I really enjoy the connection between technology and the nonprofit field that Teach IT has.

I am a Human Resource Management major with SPEA. I have a strong interest in nonprofits and working to better the community. I think technology plays a big role in improving a community and if I had the time, I’d probably try to minor in something within the School of Informatics and Computing. I think the experience with Teach IT has got me interested in knowing more about the field.

The nonprofit aspect of Serve IT is what drew me in. I liked that the organization works with local nonprofits. Serve IT has made a huge contribution to the nonprofit sector in Bloomington and it makes me happy to be a part of something so wonderful. My experience with Teach IT over the last two semesters has been really pleasant. Working with new organizations, like Providence Place, has been a wonderful experience.

I think working with Teach IT is pretty uncommon for students that are not in the School of Informatics and Computing but, I think more SPEA students would benefit from joining the Teach IT team. The focus on volunteering and teaching technology can be beneficial to SPEA students. I hope that if I continue to work with Teach IT, that at the end I will actually have the skills to be really qualified to work on another team. I love working with the team but, with the limited knowledge I have with technology, it is a little more difficult for me to contribute as much as I’d like to.

This is my last required semester with Teach IT however, I have signed up to work with the Teach IT team next semester. I hope to get better volunteering opportunities next semester. Hopefully, my schedule will be open enough to get many hours in and I anticipate that many of my hours will be with Providence Place. I hope to make multiple visits with each of my residence next semester and try to help them out as much as I can.