Indiana University


The Serve IT Clinic

Often small nonprofits do not have the resources necessary to fulfill their information technology needs. Serve IT is the bridge that connects IU students who have in-demand technology skills with the nonprofits who need them.

Student interns are placed on interdisciplinary teams and matched with a nonprofit organization. Each team provides a specific skill set in order to assist clients in all possible facets. Each nonprofit organization works with a team specifically tailored to develop a strategic IT plan, and then help the organization work through the plan. Along with this, there are several teams that assist Serve IT as a whole. These groups assist in a number of different areas including design and user testing, development and maintenance, external relations, community outreach, and tech support. The teams are supervised by SoIC faulty and given volunteer coaches to help them work through the process.

Serve IT is a community information technology clinic housed in the IU School of Informatics and Computing. The office itself is located in Informatics Building West, Room 120. However, it is a collaborative effort involving many different partners within Indiana University and the greater Monroe County area. While Serve IT is comprised largely of Informatics and Computer Science students, students pursuing other majors who are looking to contribute in the community are also highly encouraged to join. Anyone interested in joining or any organization looking for assistance from Serve IT is encouraged to apply.

We also have sponsors who help fund our clinic and provide a number of crucial resources. To learn more about them, click here!