Alyssa Bae

Hello, my name is Alyssa Bae. I am currently a junior and majoring in informatics with business cognate and minor. This is my second semester in serve IT and I am currently working in Teach IT team. From working in Teach IT, I learned that there are a lot of people who are really passionate about learning how to use technology and how it can benefit them. From overall experience, the most memorable moment is when I was helping an old man with excel. I do not have a lot of knowledge with excel. I was able to research and study at the same time when I was helping the client with excel. I was able to refresh everything that I learned in K201. I felt extremely helpful when I helped the client to achieve his goal in excel. It was little disappointed that we did not have many people coming in for the Teach IT session. I hope, for next semester, we get more Teach IT clients. The internship itself was such a great opportunity for me to learn about how to work and communicate with people through technology. I am looking forward to work as Teach IT intern next semester.