Ben Gaither

My name is Ben Gaither and I am a junior at Indiana University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in informatics with a minor in business. This is my first semester with Serve IT and I am part of the Teach IT team where we volunteer at local after-school clubs to teach the children basics of computer science and computer skills. It is always great to see the kids enjoying the lesson plans that we have created for them and it is very rewarding when they actually take away useful skills as well. Not only this, but Teach IT has allowed me to meet some great people on the teams that I work with. I see my team members multiple times a week and we all have fun with what we do while also sharing a common goal which is a great experience that I will be able to build upon for my future. Serve IT is a great place to get real world experience, meet people from all different backgrounds, and fell like you are a part of something that can make an impact. For all these reasons I am very glad to be a part of Serve IT and the Teach IT division of it.