Joshua Uduehi

My name is Joshua Uduehi and I am one of the Team Leads for the Training Team in Serve IT. This is my fourth semester in the Serve IT clinic, having started in the Spring of Sophomore year. For my first two semesters, I was on the Technical Support Team, which primarily entailed troubleshooting and refurbishing PC laptops and computer towers for non-profits. My third semester I spent as a member of Training Team, which moved away from computer service requests and more to instructing fellow Serve IT interns on various languages and platforms, such as GitHub, SQL, WordPress, etc. Now, as a Co-Lead for Training Team, I and my fellow Co-Lead facilitate the research of the various topics for each week’s presentations. So far, we have completed our first week of training sessions and strive to improve for next week’s sessions and the rest of the semester!

Jack Gilson

My name is Jack Gilson and I am a Senior here at IU currently working as the lead for the Serve IT Website team. Originally from Indianapolis, I migrated to Bloomington to fulfill my passion for technology. I am pursuing a degree in Informatics with a cognate in Human-Centered Computing and a minor in Criminal Justice.

I joined Serve IT last semester as part of the Design and User Testing team and gained exposure to design processes and real-world projects by dedicating myself to helping client-facing teams.

This semester I hope to co-lead the website team to build out an entire site to capture the demographic and capabilities of the other interns to reflect the impact we have for neighboring non-profit organizations.

Anne Effron

My name is Anne Effron and I am a senior majoring in Informatics with a minor in biology. This semester I will be leading the maintenance team. I am really excited to be leading this team! I have been with the clinic my freshmen and sophomore years and I have loved my experiences. I like using my skills to give back to the community. I hope to learn more about the various projects ServeIT has worked with and working with different members of the clinic.

Andrew Olsen

My name is Andrew Olsen and this is my second semester as an intern for ServeIT. My first semester I spent doing TeachIT and this semester I am working on the Tech Team. Our main role is to work with non-profits and provide tech support for whatever they request that we can fulfill. It’s been a rewarding experience getting the opportunity to work on interpersonal communication skills as well as how to interact in the professional environment.

Alex Flinchum

My name is Alex Flinchum, and I am a senior in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University with a major in Informatics and a minor in Computer Science. I have been working with programming languages and technology since my junior year of high school when I decided to take a programming class and AP Computer Science. I have used many programming languages such as Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, C#, and Racket. I enjoy learning and developing ideas through programming languages.

During the spring semester of my sophomore year at Indiana University, I joined Serve IT. I am currently a part of the City of Bloomington Team. Our team is focusing on completing the Touri web application. The Touri web application allows people within the Bloomington area to go on walking tours by accessing the website on their phone and following the path and stops on a map of the tour they choose. My role within this project is leading the whole team through the development of the application. I also will be taking some development responsibilities So far in my involvement with this project, I have been discussed continuing the project with our client and researching and learning such things as deploying our application and the Larvael framework.

I am excited to be a part of Serve IT and specifically the City of Bloomington Team. I enjoy creating with programming languages and development environment. I have always wanted to create with programming languages in the form of websites, apps for smartphones, software, and web applications. I know that I will not only learn a lot from my experience on this team and gain some leading experience, but I will also have a lot of fun helping create the City of Bloomington’s web application Touri.

Daniel Wogan

My name is Daniel Wogan, and I am the Co-Team Leads for ServeIT’s Tech Team. This is my second semester in the ServeIT Program and my first as a Member of the Tech Team. My first semester was with the Training Team where we led Training Sessions on various Software Programs that the other Teams needed to learn about.

Now as a Co-Team Lead of the Tech Team, my Team and I has worked with the City Of Bloomington to recover large amounts of Computers they didn’t need. Our latest and ongoing Project is working with the Boys And Girls Club in Bloomington by setting up a Computer Lab for them, and continuing to help them with all their Technological needs. I look forward to helping them and any other new Clients this year with any Tech issue they may have!

Clarentia Kurnia

Hi! I’m Clarentia Kurnia and I’m a junior studying Accounting here at Indiana University. I’m originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. This is my first semester at ServeIT, and I’m a part of the Black Vulture team, where we aim to design and develop a mobile-friendly website for the organization. Our team is mainly divided into designers and developers, and I chose to be a developer because I have had more experience in design and would like to improve my skills and knowledge in web development.

Black Vulture is a nonprofit organization that works to connect arts and events in Orange County, Indiana. They renovated an abandoned warehouse and turned it to a place for art events and exhibitions, music concerts, and various workshops and classes. Our goal in this Black Vulture Project is to build more connections and engagement within the local art society. I’m excited to work with my team and ServeIT to accomplish this goal.

Spencer Pulford

My name is Spencer Pulford and I am a Junior studying Informatics with a cognate in Business with minors in Information Technology and Marketing.  This will be my second semester with both Serve IT and Teach IT. Just like last semester, I will be working at the Boys and Girls Club in Ellettsville.  I had a great time teaching the kids more about the basics of IT and computer programming. I found that they also had some things to teach me as well. I look forward to this upcoming semester and teaching and learning from the kids again!

Genevieve Lampert

Hi! I’m Genevieve Lampert and I’m a junior majoring in Informatics with a Psychology cognate and a Human-Centered Computing minor. I’m from La Grange Park, Illinois, just west of Chicago. This is my third semester with the Serve IT Nonprofit Clinic. Last year, I ran the official Serve IT Instagram account (@iuserveit) as a member of the External Relations team, and I created a working prototype of the online client application form as a member of the Design and User Testing team.

Currently, as part of the Orange County Community Wellness Network team, we’re developing the organization’s website that connects community members with healthcare providers. My specific task for this week is to create the OCCWN homepage via WordPress. I’m really enjoying my time with Serve IT because it combines my passion for volunteering with my love of technology! I hope to be a team lead starting next semester so that I can stay involved with the clinic for my senior year capstone project.


Wei Zhang

I’m Wei Zhang, one of the team lead in Teach IT. This is my last semester in Serve IT and after that, I will do my master program in fall 2018. I really enjoy doing intern in Serve IT, not only there has more volunteer opportunities to help students and local residents but also I can improve my problem solving skills and real world practice experience. My main responsibility is contact between  Bloomington Housing Authority as well as  Monroe County Public Library and students.