Kaylandra Barnes

Hi! My name is Kayla, and I am currently a junior studying Informatics with minors in human-centered computing, information systems, and information technology. During my time here as a ServeIT Design and User Testing intern, I have be able to develop my design skills and broaden my portfolio. In this position, I have been working with the other teams in the clinic, most notably, the ServeIT website team, creating icons and other design assets they could use in their own projects. In addition, I have been able to offer advice pertaining to design principles in order to help the other teams in the clinic with their posters, projects, and prototypes. Through my work in the clinic, I have been able to grow individually; however, the most rewarding thing I have experienced through this intern position is how I have been able to grow and connect with my team. Overall, I believe my time here in the clinic as been well spent, and I look forward to continuing my growth as a designer.

Madeline Burlage-Haynes

Hello there! My name is Madeline Burlage-Haynes, and I’m a Senior at Indiana University majoring in Informatics with minors in Business and Human-Centered Computing. Last semester I was a member of TeachIT. This is my first semester with ServeIT, and my first semester on the External Relations team. A lot has happened this semester and accordingly, I have accomplished a wide array of tasks with the clinic. As a Capstone intern for ER, I have been involved with volunteering for My Sister’s Closet, advertising the clinic for new applications, keeping track of social media posts, and much more. As a team we hope through our work that the ServeIT clinic is a more recognizable organization on campus and that interns understand how they can leverage this experience for the future. Being a member of ServeIT and TeachIT has helped me gain more leadership, professional, and technical skill for the future and I cannot wait to see what my last semester will bring! 

Emma Gouliaev

My name is Emma Gouliaev and I am a sophomore studying Informatics with a health sciences cognate. I am doing Serve IT for the first time this semester and I am an intern in Teach IT. For the past two month, I have been at the Crestmont Boys & Girls Club teaching the students about technology. Our lessons, so far, have been centered around coding and typing. While there have only been a small number of students each time, the students are engaged and enjoy the activities. I love that each student have a unique skill set and we can help everyone learn something new. During our weekly meetings, my group has been preparing lesson plans future weeks, finding plugged and unplugged activities that will be effective with this group of students. I cannot wait to further my work with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington.

Dylan Appleby

My name is Dylan Appleby and I am a senior studying informatics with a cognate in business. This is my second semester in the clinic and I am on the DevOps team. During this semester we have been investigating different methods for deploying sites as well as running the backend of sites for the client teams. I have really enjoyed my time with Serve IT because I have been able to learn several skills that I can present in job interviews while also helping out the Bloomington community. I am excited to apply my learnings from Serve IT into my career beginning next year.

Gahyeon Jung

Hi, my name is Gahyeon Jung, I go by Jennifer. I am a Senior in Informatics major, and minor in Human-Centered Computing and Sociology. I am an international student from South Korea, and this is my seventh year in the United States. This is my third semester with ServeIT, however, it is my first semester being a team lead. Having experiences with ServeIT for a year was great. I met many different students who have similar interests as me and improved my IT skills with real-world experience. Currently, I am a co-leader for the ServeIT website team. My team is trying to design and develop new website for ServeIT. With this experience, I learned how to design with Adobe XD and studied  Drupal 8. Since it is my first time being a leader, managing the project challenges me since I had no experience on both programs. However, it was great opportunity to improve my management skill and technical skills and I am enjoying working with my team.

Madeline Pastor

Hello! My name is Madeline Pastor, and I am on the Design and User Testing Team. It is my first year doing Serve IT. I am junior studying informatics with a cognate in security and a minor in Spanish. I will be studying abroad next semester in Barcelona! This semester, I have been a part of many different projects on my team. I have helped put on various Adobe Illustrator tutorials for the clinic. I have also created Adobe Illustrator video tutorials so that the people who could not attend the in person Illustrator tutorials still have the opportunity to learn. Currently, I am working on designing a logo with my partner for the Orange County Community Wellness Network team. I’ve learned a lot this semester, and can’t wait to end this last sprint on a positive note.

Tobias Smith

Hi! My name is Tobias Smith and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in game design. This is my second semester with the ServeIT clinic. For my first semester working with the clinic I worked as a developer for the maintenance team. While on the maintenance team, most of our work revolved around fixing issues on previous ServeIT projects and finishing projects done by other teams in the clinic. Right now, I am a developer for the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington team. We have been doing lot of work for their new website. I have done a lot of work with various plug-ins on the website, such as CiviCRM, Caldera Forms, and Mailchimp. Working with the Arts Alliance team has been fantastic, and looking forward to seeing how much we can accomplish by the end of the semester!

Juan Gonzalez

Hey! I’m Juan Gonzalez a senior at the Serve IT organization at Indiana University. I’ve been with the clinic since my second semester as a junior as an intern but as of now as a Team Lead for the Arts Alliance. I have also been a part of the Design & User Tester team which is based around redesigning website, creating posters, as well as creating videos. And the External Relations team that deals with all social media aspects such as facebook, twitter, YouTube, and even Instagram, which both were great experience that I’ve had.

Currently, on the Arts Alliance team we’re working on the directories using CiviCRM for the new website that the organization wants. Though the work is a challenge we manage to improve as complete our tasks. Its exiting to know what group I’ve been given because of the challenges and improvements I will have ahead.

Ryan Sullivan

Hi, my name is Ryan Sullivan I am a sophomore from Madison, New Jersey currently studying informatics and business. This has been my first semester with Teach IT, where I have been volunteering at the Monroe County Public Library teaching computer literacy to adults. Throughout the semester we have worked alongside the library staff to create a program that welcomes adults to come and learn about computers. The first people to try the program came very eager to learn and try it out themselves. It was very rewarding working alongside those in the program because I knew it would be rewarding in their own personal lives. I was even able to establish relationships with some of those who came in regularly. On a weekly basis I worked with one gentleman teaching him the basics of computers, how to create a resume, and helping him operate an amazon tablet. Overall this has been an extremely rewarding program not only for myself but for all those we have helped.

Robert Greene

Hello, my name is Robert Greene and I am a Sophomore majoring in Informatics and minoring in music and Spanish. This is my first semester in Serve IT, and I have been working on the Design and User Testing with Karly and Maritza as team leads. I have been enjoying my time in the clinic, which has entailed learning the basics of Adobe design software, including Illustrator, XD, and Photoshop. My favorite software to learn so far has been Illustrator, and this semester has seen me giving an introductory workshop with Maddie Pastor, which has been a good experience; I enjoy teaching and helping others understand the software. To fulfill my volunteer hours, I have found myself working at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard as a compost volunteer, a job that is fun but admittedly pretty smelly – after coming unprepared one week I decided to go pick up some denim overalls and then got fun poked at me by a little girl who informed me that I looked like a cowboy. I guess I had it coming dressed in overalls. I plan on continuing my work in Serve IT this coming spring semester.