Elizabeth Lee

I’m Elizabeth Lee, a senior graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Informatics, minor in Business, and a focus in Human Computer Interaction! I have been with the Serve IT clinic for the past three semesters. My first and second semester I was working exclusively with Teach IT and the SICE Outreach team. I spent my time volunteering at local Boys & Girls Clubs in Bloomington, Indiana teaching simple computer and coding skills to early elementary students. I am currently working as a capstone intern on the Problem Bank team and a co-team lead on the Dimension Mill team. My experience with the clinic has been very rewarding, as I have gained incredible real-world experience with each of these teams along with significant leadership skills. I will be able to carry these important capabilities into my career working with Oracle in Austin, Texas this July!

Reed Orr

I’m Reed Orr and I’m an informatics major here at IU. My cognate is security and I’m senior graduating in December of 2019. This is my first time in ServeIT, but my second time in a tech support position. The Tech Support team is constantly growing our client base. The Tech Support team takes in donated computers, many of which come in from the City of Bloomington, and installs them into places around Bloomington. The computers that we get are totally wiped, so after getting the OS set up we take them to the clients location. Sometimes the clients have different needs. One example would be Girls Inc, who asked us to install some parental controls. There are many places around town that are in need that you wouldn’t think about. Just last week we delivered and installed computers to three different locations such as a women’s ministry clinic, a shop in the square, and a homeless shelter. We intake hundreds of donated computers over the semester, and it’s great that we can repurpose so many of them without wasting them in a salvage yard. All of our clients are so grateful, and the computers really can help them. It feels great to be helping the community when I am also gaining experience as an intern.

Asher Hall

Hi, my name is Asher Hall a senior at Indiana University studying Informatics with a specialization in technology innovation. This is my 3rd semester working with the ServeIt clinic and my 2nd semester being a co-team lead for the Tech Support team. This semester we are pleased to be able to help many organizations with their various technological needs. We have helped non-profits obtain new computers and recycle the old, imaged computers with the latest software, and fixed various wiring issues to name a few. It is great to help out these various non-profits and enable the next generation of youth to learn and grow from the work we have provided. This experience as a co-team lead has helped me grow as an individual in more ways than one and I am grateful to be a part of this community that ServeIT has created for us and these organizations.

Shawn Wang

Hi! My name is Shawn Wang and I’m a junior majoring in Informatics with a minor in Human-Centered Computing and cognate in Graphic Design. This is my first semester with the Serve IT Design and User Testing team.

I joined Serve IT’s Design and User Testing Team because of my interests in design. I think Serve IT is great because it provides opportunities to work with real clients and help with their design works. I was lucky enough to work with a local nonprofit and it practiced my design skills. At the same time, we helped another team with their design works. There was one time, I held a training session to teach another team to learn industrial level design tools. I felt the power of design and happy to help them in the future.

Scott Tangney

Hi! My name is Scott Tangney, and I’m a freshman at Indiana University. I’m studying Informatics with minors in Business, Financial Literacy, and Security Informatics. This is my first semester in TeachIT, and I’ve loved my experience so far. I volunteer at the Boys and Girl Club every Monday and plan to continue to participate in TeachIT in the future. I can see the value the team I’m apart of provides to the Boys and Girls Club. I’m extremely excited to grow with TeachIT and continue on teaching younger children.

Jee Yune Lee

Hello! My name is Jee Yune Lee and I go by “June.” I am a senior majoring in Informatics with HCI minor and business cognate. I am a capstone intern for Brown County Playhouse team, and this is my fourth semester in Serve IT. This is my first time being in a client-facing team, so I’m excited to experience new things! I am very glad that I joined Serve IT and have real world experience for technical skills that I cannot learn from school courses and it will be helpful since I am graduating this May.

Genevieve Lampert

Hi! I’m Genevieve Lampert and I’m a junior majoring in Informatics with a Psychology cognate, a Human-Centered Computing minor, and a Sociology minor. I’m from La Grange Park, Illinois, just west of Chicago. This is my fourth semester with the Serve IT Nonprofit Clinic. Last year, I ran the official Serve IT Instagram account (@iuserveit) as a member of the External Relations team, and I created a working prototype of the online client application form as a member of the Design and User Testing team. Last semester was my first time on a client-facing team with the Orange County Community Wellness Network. We used WordPress to design and develop the organization’s website in order to help connect community members with the healthcare providers and services they need.

Currently, I am earning my Capstone credits as the team lead for the Southern Indiana Community Health Care team. SICHC’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to the residents of Crawford County and Orange County. Our team is working to train their staff in Office 365, Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint to help improve their communication, emailing and scheduling, internal documents storage, and credentialing systems. As the SICHC team lead, I enjoy combining my passion for volunteering with my love of technology, and I am learning a great deal about what it takes to maintain a positive client partnership while simultaneously managing people and projects.

Charlie Myers

My name is Charlie Myers, I am a junior at IU and this is my third semester with Serve IT. The past two semesters I worked with TeachIT, now I am doing work for SICHC in ServeIT. I am majoring in Informatics and minoring in Health Systems Admin with a cognate in Business. Helping the Southern Indiana Community Health Center with their IT needs is something that is in my field of interest and I have been enjoying it very much. I look forward to the rest of the semester and the more we can do to help SICHC.

Jake Evans

Hello, my name is Jake Evans and I am a sophomore majoring in Informatics. This is my second semester working with Serve IT, and I am currently working on the Southern Indiana Community Health Care team. I became interested in joining the clinic when I heard about it in my I101 class my first semester of freshman year. It seemed like a great way to delve into the world of Informatics and get some professional practice, as well as give back to the community. After my first semester working in the clinic, I knew I wanted to make a return. I am very excited to be working with a client this time around. It has been a great experience so far and I look forward to continuing working with my team!

Tanner Powell

My name is Tanner Powell and I am a junior Informatics major with a business cognate and financial literacy minor, this is my first semester as a member of Serve IT! I work with a team developing a new website for the Orange County Recycling Co-op in Paoli Indiana. The OCRC helps customers figure out recycling solutions and takes item donations for their resale shop. I have learned a mountain of information about team collaboration and organization, web development, and client interaction. When I’m not in class or working with Serve IT I also work as a Technology Center Consultant and soon will be a Consultant Supervisor for University Information Technology Services, Indiana University’s technology services department. I am optimistic that my experience in and out of Serve IT will benefit me enormously in my future semesters as a volunteer and beyond graduation.