Deepthi Devireddy

My name is Deepthi Devireddy, and I am a senior studying Informatics with a cognate in pre-health professions. This spring marks my 4th semester being a part of the ServeIT clinic, and my 2nd semester as the team lead for the External Relations team.

Over my time spent in the clinic, I’ve learned many professional, technical and social skills that have made me the person I am today and set me up for success in the workplace. This particular semester has been one of the best! It was my first time being the lead on a client operation, and I feel great about what we have accomplished. We worked with Bloomington Chamber Singers to help them with their project management, social media and organizational needs. This involved facilitating social media trainings, creating materials to help inform and train the board, restructuring their google drive, and direct service volunteering. It was an incredible experience!

Being a part of ServeIT made me realize how malleable your experiences can be, and how they can change and improve based on your attitude, efforts and seriousness. I realized this through the exploration of team efficiency and motivation among interns on my team as effort was put into building interpersonal relationships on the team. I saw my team reach new levels of success and productivity, and I got to spread the team building strategies I used to the entire clinic. This was a huge accomplishment for me, and through this experience, I’ve learnt lessons I will never forget!

The ServeIT clinic has been an amazing opportunity for me to gain real world experiences, build lasting relationships, learn valuable technical skills, improve my professional adeptness, make an impact on my community and become a true leader.