Edrwin Revolorio

Coming into my second semester in Serve IT, I felt a little intimidated working on a new team with the City of Bloomington but felt right in place with my position on the team. First we worked on a project to improve the website for the City of Bloomington and worked on user research by conducting ethnographic interviews within Bloomington. Then we moved forward to a new project that we are currently working on. This project is based around a web-based application where users can take self-guided tours of landmarks throughout Bloomington. With the talented people on our team, we have made substantial steps toward design and have made great progress. I have learned a tremendous amount and have been able to really work on my soft skills as well as my technical skills. Working on this team has allowed me to really apply the ideas and concepts directly from the courses at Indiana University and have been able to gain invaluable experience. I am excited to start development for this project and can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester holds for us.