Indiana University

Current Clients

Spring 2018

Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington

The Arts and Alliance team is rebuilding their website to hold an active CRM (customer retention management) database for their artists which will serve as a directory for all users that visit their site. The CRM we are using is CiviCRM and we hope to utilize the tools functionality to ease their operational needs as an organization while utilizing it to create a polished end user experience.

ACE System

The Ace Systems team is working with the Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE) to create a web application that will allow for better management for academic volunteer work at Indiana University. This application will not only give students a dependable means to securely record their volunteer hours, but will also enable the the ACE organization to easily create reports based on both aggregated and individualized data.

BeLoved Transportation

The BeLoved Transportation team is building a new website for BeLoved Transportation to create an easy platform for centers to easily book rides for their clients. They are also rebranding their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to grow their following.

City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington team has begun design a guided tour web application for the City of Bloomington. It will be a responsive/mobile web application that features government-curated and guided tours for residents and visitors of Bloomington. The project was inspired by the city’s previous guided tours which are currently in pdf and carbon copy formats. Their goal by creating this web application is to give users a more interactive experience with each tour so they can learn and experience more about Bloomington.


INPAWS is developing a web application for Indiana gardeners to search for native plants to Indiana. This will help gardeners customize their gardens and bring native pollinators back to Indiana!

Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District (MCSWCD)

The MCSWCD team are working on a  website that was developed with the goal to enhance the brand of the MCSWCD. It was designed to bring important information to an online friendly format that allows the government and its people to engage, share, and positively impact conservation. The website blends modern technology with the needs of the agency.