Indiana University

Current Clients

Spring 2019

City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington team has begun design a guided tour web application for the City of Bloomington. It will be a responsive/mobile web application that features government-curated and guided tours for residents and visitors of Bloomington. The project was inspired by the city’s previous guided tours which are currently in pdf and carbon copy formats. Their goal by creating this web application is to give users a more interactive experience with each tour so they can learn and experience more about Bloomington.

Dimension Mill

Dimension Mill, or The Mill it is also know as, is currently offering various office spaces for rent for business. Their main purpose is to build a community around the startup market. They bring together similar people into their space where they can all work. You can sign up to be able to have access to The Mill, which has private offices, meeting rooms, open desks, podcast studio, kitchen, and an event space.

What our team is currently working on is a bit scattered. We are helping them redesign and add content to, creating a logo for their new startup fund, and helping to build out a new web app, SwitchBoard, that will be a resource to connect people within the startup/business/tech community locally.

Brown County Playhouse

Orange County Recycling Center (OCRC)

The Orange County Recycling Co-op Serve IT team this semester is composing a fully functional website for the Orange County Recycling Co-op of Paoli Indiana. The OCRC provides and promotes recycling services, educates people on how they can recycle, and can help people organize recycling pickup via their contractor. The OCRC also holds a resale service for usable, otherwise unwanted products that are donated to them. They also accept cash donations and volunteers to help with their services. Our team is incorporating all of these ideas into their new web page, including a page to volunteer, a page describing past and future events, a page for resale, and an about us page. By incorporating all of these features we hope to give the OCRC a better image and medium for their customers to interact with them.

Problem Bank

Problem Bank is a platform for finding and solving authentic problems in the community. They seek to connect people with real world problems and problems with people with the right skill set. Our team is working with them to create a website to exchange these problems and solutions.  Our project is starting from scratch, and we are currently in the design process for the website.

Southern Indiana Community Health Center (SICHC)

SICHC (Southern Indiana Community Health Center) is a non-profit healthcare organization that has been providing primary health care to Crawford County and Orange County for more than 43 years. SICHC’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable health care to people in the community. SICHC values health care that is comprehensive, compassionate and attentive to the needs of the materially poor. Our team’s job is to help SICHC accomplish these goals. We are training their staff in Office 365, Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint in order to improve their communication, emailing and scheduling system, internal documents storage, and credentialing system. With our help, SICHC can promote a more efficient work environment so that they can better serve their patients.