Indiana University

Current Clients

Fall 2018

Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington

The Arts and Alliance team is rebuilding their website to hold an active CRM (customer retention management) database for their artists which will serve as a directory for all users that visit their site. The CRM we are using is CiviCRM and we hope to utilize the tools functionality to ease their operational needs as an organization while utilizing it to create a polished end user experience.

Black Vulture

Our team is called Black Vulture as we are working with the Black Vulture Project, who are located in Paoli, Indiana. The Black Vulture Project aims to create a rich community for the arts in southern Indiana by hosting various art galleries, concerts, film screenings, and festivals. They have has several events the past few years but they are in need of a better way to reach the community; that is what we are helping with. Our goal is to design and build a WordPress website for them in order to help them visible to the art community. We hope to draw people who are interested in hosting and attending art events together.

City of Bloomington

The City of Bloomington team has begun design a guided tour web application for the City of Bloomington. It will be a responsive/mobile web application that features government-curated and guided tours for residents and visitors of Bloomington. The project was inspired by the city’s previous guided tours which are currently in pdf and carbon copy formats. Their goal by creating this web application is to give users a more interactive experience with each tour so they can learn and experience more about Bloomington.

Orange County Community Wellness Network (OCCWN)

The Orange County Community Wellness Network team is working with community members and the Healing Arts Center in Paoli, Indiana to provide a directory of health and wellness providers in the region. This website will be designed with an emphasis on mobile friendliness to increase access to those in the community who may not have computer access. Providers will include a variety of topics from listings on free yoga classes to chiropractic care offices. Overall, the project’s goal is to bring an easy connection between providers and community members to improve health and happiness in Orange County.

Problem Bank

Problem Bank is a platform for finding and solving authentic problems in the community. They seek to connect people with real world problems and problems with people with the right skill set. Our team is working with them to create a website to exchange these problems and solutions.  Our project is starting from scratch, and we are currently in the design process for the website.”

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a place that seeks to make everyone feel like they have a place of belonging. They use recreation and sports to bring the youth of Bloomington together. However, there is something there for anyone of any age.  

Our team currently focuses on expanding their computer network infrastructure to ensure complete security camera coverage throughout the facility. We are responsible for routing Ethernet cabling from cameras within the facility back to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) so that the footage captured on the security cameras can be transmitted over the network to various monitoring locations, as well as viewed for playback via a mobile application. Raspberry Pi’s are used as a means to store any surveillance footage for playback in the case of an emergency, so we are also responsible for making sure this method of storing data is feasible for all security footage.