Reed Orr

I’m Reed Orr and I’m an informatics major here at IU. My cognate is security and I’m senior graduating in December of 2019. This is my first time in ServeIT, but my second time in a tech support position. The Tech Support team is constantly growing our client base. The Tech Support team takes in donated computers, many of which come in from the City of Bloomington, and installs them into places around Bloomington. The computers that we get are totally wiped, so after getting the OS set up we take them to the clients location. Sometimes the clients have different needs. One example would be Girls Inc, who asked us to install some parental controls. There are many places around town that are in need that you wouldn’t think about. Just last week we delivered and installed computers to three different locations such as a women’s ministry clinic, a shop in the square, and a homeless shelter. We intake hundreds of donated computers over the semester, and it’s great that we can repurpose so many of them without wasting them in a salvage yard. All of our clients are so grateful, and the computers really can help them. It feels great to be helping the community when I am also gaining experience as an intern.